Saturday, April 9, 2011

Possibly one of the top 5 proudest moments of my life

This morning I got up early and went running. Vivian made it easy for me to get out of bed, since she spent most of the hours between 1:30 AM and 7 AM kicking me in the side and the head. Her sinus infection is back and she's making sure that we all know that she's unhappy.  Anyway, I left her kicking Daniel this morning, drank some coffee, ate part of an energy bar and drove to Green Lake to run.  I intended to do two plus loops today, with the goal of making it 10km. My longest run ever was just over 6km, so I knew this was a big jump, but I was confident that I could do it.

And I did.  I ran over 10 kilometers- and it didn't take me two hours :) Mainly because I wanted to be able to brag on Facebook and write this blog post. And because I've seen so many of my other friends who were couch potatoes just like me get up and run long distances. The friends that I made 6 years ago on a WW discussion board are particularly motivating and encouraging (I know some of you read this blog- HUGE hugs to you for the motivation and HUGER hugs for encouragement to keep running yourselves!). 

I know that I'm due a crappy run any day now, but lately things have been going really well.  I keep thinking about the mental block that I had last year, when I just couldn't make the leap from 5 minute runs to 8 minute runs. Today as I ran for 20 minutes or more at a time and kept going after my first loop around the lake- I thought about that person and smiled. The sad thing is that I was actually thinner last year, but I know I'm still in better shape now and that I'll get that under control if I keep this exercising up.

I've still got 5 months before my actual 10K race, as 10Ks are hard to find around here.  So lots of time to get my time from turtle speed to something slightly faster.  I am running a 5K next month to help fight against the problem of human trafficking. If anyone feels motivated to donate to help with this cause, there's a button on the right side of this page that has more information on the race, the cause and how to give. 

Now I've got to go work on  my Saturday chores- the laundry awaits! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday and that you're feeling victorious today with whatever you're accomplishing.


Lizzie said...

Atta girl! So proud of you!

Andrea said...

I'm so proud of you/ jealous. I have a VERY hard time rolling out of bed if everyone else is still sleeping. I need to fight my lazy ROCK!

Healthy Branscoms said...

You are a rockstar!!!!!! so jealous! I wish I had got a run in today. Audrey was in our bed at 3am last night and I have been so tired today..