Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Funny and wonderful things

Thing #1: Ethan's getting a lot of good from therapy and developmental preschool- I am SO grateful that we have these resources to help him catch up and learn. Beyond all the great skills that he's learning though, hands down the best thing is that Ethan's finally learning to speak a little bit.  And for the first time, we're hearing the words "I love you" coming from our son's mouth.  It took over 3 1/2 years to hear it, and was worth the wait.  Seriously, the best words ever.

Thing #2:  Although Ethan's making progress with speech, he's still delayed, and we don't always understand him.  This does not stop Vivian from copying and repeating pretty much everything he says though- so we get one slightly confused sentence from Ethan, followed by a much more confused toddler version of the same sentence from Vivian. It's like having a really bad language interpreter follow Ethan around everywhere :)

Thing #3: Ethan can count, but only in reverse, since he's over-the-top obsessed with rockets and blast off.  Sometimes we can get him all the way from one to four in the right direction, before he reverses and starts the countdown.  This means Vivian is also learning her numbers in reverse.  And any time numbers are introduced to the conversation, it ends with both kids screaming "blast off!" Always!

Thing #4: Daniel and I both don't really care that much about clothes. We like to look reasonably nice, but we're bargain shoppers. And I never iron, so we always look a little wrinkled. Somehow, we ended up with two kids that care VERY much about what they wear.  Ethan's pretty good about wearing something from his drawers of clothes, but only if he picks it out. Vivian is different though- I have to take her shopping with me, because if she doesn't approve of an outfit, she will not wear it without a major struggle. Although sometimes I'm pretty sure she's messing with me with that.

For example, last Sunday, I put her a frilly new dress that I had just bought her online. She cried and wiggled and fussed and tried to take it off.  She was pretty sure it was torturing her. Then we went to the outlet stores after church, and ended up in the outlet for the store from which I'd purchased her new dress. And the child ignored an entire big store of clothes, walked right to the dress rack, pulled out the same dress that she was wearing and started petting it and trying to pull it off the hanger.  She also has strong opinions about her hairstyles. And she's not even two yet! Seriously, I'm terrified of this girl's teenage years!

Thing #5: Ethan's other funny speech thing that he's started doing is telling long, involved stories, much of which we don't understand. Then at the end, he's begun to tack on "remember? remember Mommy?" Which is my cue to not only understand, but remember the exact situation he's talking about. And since I don't have the memory of a three-year-old, I often don't remember as well as he does.  I need to do brain exercises to keep up with my kid! 

Thing #6: One of my friends told me that her son's favorite part of developmental preschool was the bus ride. And she was so right! Ethan mentions school once or twice per day, but he talks about the bus non-stop! And Vivian's obsessed with it too- we overhear them having fights that consist of "my bus!" "no, it's my bus!". Back and forth. They both want the bus so much! Vivian only gets to go on and off for a minute when we're putting Ethan in his seat or taking him out, but that's pretty much the highlight of her day. School buses are fun!

Vivian (lower right hand corner) watching "her bus" pull up out front
I think it's as I always suspected- I'm not much of a baby person (although I can't wait to meet all the babies that my friends are having this year!!!), but I like this toddler/preschool stage. The kids are so funny and affectionate and it's so fascinating watching them learn and grow. Tiring, but exciting and humbling too- I'm so blessed to be a part of their little lives. 


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I know! Aren't they so fun when they begin to communicate and do little things on their own?!? I love babies and am sad to see them grow but I LOOOVE the tiny little window of years when they become little people and interact with you like a buddy. So much fun. And then they learn to talk back. Not so much fun.