Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend

It's Monday afternoon, my house is a mess, I have nothing planned for dinner, and my home fellowship group is coming over in three hours. So it's clearly time to blog :)  Oh, and my kids are running around the house with their bears and clean diapers, telling me that their bears did "big poopoos" and need a change. They've been on this kick for the past week or so.  I'm pretty sure Vivian could actually change her own diaper at this point, she's pretty good at putting a diaper on her bear.  She also has been accessorizing her outfits by wearing her (unused) underwear on her wrist as a bracelet. She's fascinated with the underwear and is desperate to wear it, but is firmly anti-potty, so apparently a bracelet is a good option for now.  I'm pretty sure this would have seemed weird to me at one point in time, but not so much anymore :)

Anyway... we made it through the weekend and had a pretty nice time up in Canada. As nice as a trip involving a funeral can be, I suppose. Daniel's parents are definitely taking the loss very hard. They were in a good, energetic mood on Thursday evening and Friday, but after the funeral they just looked like someone had drained everything out of them. During the funeral itself, I sat with the kids in the enclosed balcony (and all the people who were late got to sit up there with my energetic kids!), so I had a birds eye view of the family.  Watching Daniel's other aunt (we'll call her younger aunt) and his parents and cousins and all cry about broke my heart. The worst part though was when the family was walking past the casket, when younger aunt totally lost it.  Hearing those cries pretty completely reduced all the rest of us to tears as well.  Younger aunt lost her mom six years ago and her husband (in a freak "car versus pedestrian" accident) two years ago and now her older sister, so it's been a particularly rough time for her.

The graveside service and lunch afterwards were a bit less heart-wrenching, and it was nice for the family to spend time together.  They also had a family dinner late on Saturday evening, but the kids and I bowed out of that one, since it didn't even start until about an hour past kid bedtime.

As expected, attending Easter service on Sunday in the same church where we'd mourned on Saturday was totally strange, but it really made the "resurrection and hope in Christ" message particularly poignant for us.

The kids were overall not into the Easter morning photo shoot, but we did manage to get a few cute pictures here and there.

The best of MANY shots :)

This photo is so representative of the kids personality- Ethan was being silly and Vivian was just protesting the picture

Getting good pictures of two kids is nearly impossible. I am SO impressed by my friends with more kids who manage!

Happily dancing around in her Easter dress and shoes

Both happy, playing with toy cars at church

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