Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amusing notes from the running store

Around 8 AM this morning I discovered that I had a houseful of sick people. And, since sick kids generally means a week of cabin fever for me, I headed out alone to church, with plans to stay out as long as possible.  Even if it meant finally going to the running store.

Yes, the running store.  I've been buying running shoes from the department store, but haven't ever been in to get a professional opinion. And last year I ended up with nasty shin splints and possibly even a stress fracture that sidelined me for months.  Now that I'm planning to continue running longer distances, something had to be done.

So, after church, I showed up with my shoes at the store. Wearing my cardigan and skirt.  And heels.  The strange looks began from the moment I stepped in the store, since every other person was wearing running clothes or jeans.  Still, I put on my shoes, jogged around the store in my old shoes and new ones, ran around the block and tried out the shoes. Church clothes, running shoes and socks and let's just say "less support up top" than I wear when I'm really out running.  Yep, I got lots of weird looks as I ran up and down the hill near the store and in and out of the store. Thankfully I didn't have to try on too many pairs before we found one that we all liked, and I plopped down a bunch of money and headed out the door in my heels, new shoes in hand.

My other favorite part of the day was when the helpful running store person told me to be sure to factor in all the other time I wore my running shoes into their life, not just the time I wore them running. I wanted to ask her if I really looked like someone who ever wore running shoes for something other than running, but I was good and restrained myself :)

Okay, Seattle people- anyone up for doing the Iron Girl 5K or 10K with me this fall? I did it last year and it was an absolute blast- this year I'm planning on doing the 10K and would love to have some company!

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Healthy Branscoms said...

I just got new running shoes today too! :) What kind did you get? I tried the Ryka here:

which I like because they were so lightweight and had a lot of support. I also bought a pair of saucony's because they were 2 for $50. Amazing deals! :)