Saturday, March 19, 2011

SO freaking annoying

Okay, I'm going to be honest here. I'm 5 feet tall, of almost 100% German descent, and in the past four years, I had two kids, via c-section. Please, stop for a minute and visualize how I must look. Then add 40 pounds.  Lately I feel like I'm at war with my body. I try to count points, I try exercising- whatever I do, I end up discouraged and feeling fat.

Mostly because I am married to Mr. 125-pounds-on-good-day-man.  Seriously, Daniel is tiny. He doesn't like sugar, he doesn't eat dairy, and he's 100% embracing this new vegetarian lifestyle. So much so that today, whein we were out with the kids, he had to put Ethan down for a minute because he had to pull up his pants.  Seriously.  As I stood there, solidly fitting into my almost-plus-size-jeans, my beloved, who has been eating junk food for lunch, but my vegetarian meals for dinner, GOT EVEN SKINNIER.   And my scale has not budged. 

Seriously, I love Daniel with all of my being, but my birthday is coming up fast, and if he manages to lose a bunch of weight on this vegetarian diet and I am still the same fat mess that I am now? IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY. I need to get this man some fried foods. Stat.


Mommyto3andahusky said...

I KNOW. Dusty eats junk ALL THE TIME. He drinks probably SIX regular sodas a day. Is he obese? NO. I drink diet (if I even drink soda) and eat like a bird. I LOOK at a hamburger and there is 10 more lbs. WTH?????? It is a conspiracy!!!!!

mona said...

My issue is how quickly my husband loses weight. He can pack it on and lose like 13 pounds in one week. ONE WEEK! Ugh.

Andrea said...

Same. Boat. Here. I outweigh William by 40 lbs AND he eats whatever he wants. I want to slap him. :-P I'm still so impressed by your running. I've tried so many times. I just HATE anything that involves me getting sweaty. hahaha. I need a pool. :-P

Kate said...

you are singing my song. J weighs 130 soaking wet. i have 100+ pounds on him. i've been trying to fatten for years