Tuesday, March 15, 2011


During a visit with a friend last week, I stupidly said the phrase "yes, we've all actually been healthy for the last month or so. It's great!" Which is, of course, the cue for any bored-looking germs to make a beeline for my home.  On Friday I thought I was getting my usual spring allergies, since they tend to kick in around early March, and the pollen count thing said that tree pollen (my trigger) was high. So I didn't think anything about going to Canada on Saturday and visiting the hospice floor and spending time with oodles of Daniel's relatives. Because, after all, it was just an allergic runny nose. 

Unfortunately, it's now clear that I in fact have a cold, so I'm just hoping I wasn't too infectious this weekend.  I'm also single handedly keeping the facial tissue folks in busines. Oh, and counting the minutes until Daniel gets home from work. Poor guy left at 4:50 and as of 5:50 had made it FOUR WHOLE MILES.  So it might be a while. Fortunately the kids aren't being any worse than usual, so I think we'll all make it.

In other news, we're experimenting here with going mostly vegetarian. It's something we've been thinking about for a while, then I reviewed a really interesting book for the review blog, so I think we're going to give it a shot.  Just Daniel and I for now, of course, since my kids lately are surviving on chicken nuggets and I'm certainly not going to mess with their diets.

I do realize this is pretty much the least interesting blog post you have ever read :)  I just needed to have some connection with the outside world, since we've been and probably will be homebound and solitary for a while.  Stay healthy, everyone!

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Andrea said...

Courtney is a vegetarian, and I eat mostly vegetarian stuff too at home...until I crave a huge burger. (I suck at being a vegetarian but only eat meat 2-3 times per week)I've had to kind of learn to cook for all of us, sometimes 2 meals at dinner. I have an awesome recipe for vegetarian lasagna that's actually fairly low in fat if you're interested I think it's low in fat(at least that's what I tell myself during that second helping :-P) <---I made a double chin... it's very late and I'm being silly...night