Saturday, March 19, 2011


Other than my runs with Vivian in the jogging stroller, since I started running again, things are going well. I'm on week 4 of the Ease into 10K program, and probably could be further along without much difficulty. As long as I remember to stretch well, I'm fine. It's all a battle with my shortened calf muscles, since I've worn heels almost every day of my adult life. Yes, even as a stay-at-home mom, I wear heels- I can't walk well without them!

So I'm planning to run a 5K in June (yes, another one, but it doesn't have a 10K option, but does have chocolate and champagne! post-race).  And I LOVED the Aflac Iron Girl race last fall, so I'm thinking that will be first 10K, in September, 2011. Enough time to prepare, not enough time to chicken out.

In related news, we made it around Green Lake (2.8 miles) in only 2 1/4 hours today. Toddler insisting on walking and preschooler on Strider bike do not equal speed, but do equal cuteness and hopefully night-through tiredness!
Checking out the flowers

Ethan's turn to be amazed by the flowers. He was also confused by the sunshine all day.

It's Spring!

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Mommyto3andahusky said...

I have started running again too. We will have to motivate each other! :)