Sunday, March 27, 2011

One last day of being 33

I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I turn 34 in exactly 13 hours. Seriously, how did I get to be in my mid-30s already?  I've decided that I think I can put off admitting that I'm an adult for another year though, right? Real adulthood doesn't need to start until 35 or so.  Possibly later. Will reconsider next year.

It's Sunday morning and Daniel's off at church alone, as he was the only one not coughing this morning. I think we're all probably fine, but we accidentally exposed people last week when we went to church just pre-sickness.  So we opted to separate for the morning so that I could enjoy another rainy morning at home with the lovely little ones.  We WILL be leaving the house this afternoon. Or at least I will.  Or else I might  not make it to 34.

In addition to trying to figure out what to do this afternoon, I'm also trying to figure out what flavor cupcake I want for my birthday.  Seriously, when your sugar intake is limited to special occasions, this is a VERY important decision. Oh, and I'm trying to figure out whether Ethan has school tomorrow. The newsletter from his teacher, that she sent back in February said no, but no one else in the district seems to be off tomorrow or to have early dismissal, so I'm confused.  Pretty much everything about public school confuses me though, so this is nothing new.

Now back to the cupcake flavor contemplation- must choose well! :)


Kathleen said...

Happy birthday!

Lizzie said...

Yay! Happy birthday tomorrow! Maybe the germs will go away for your birthday! xo

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Chocolate is always good! With buttercream frosting!! :) Happy early birthday!! :) Erin