Thursday, March 31, 2011

I went

I went to the doctor this morning. She and the medical assistant were kind and listened.  I was honest about everything, even some things I didn't know I was prepared to admit.  She gave me a diagnosis that I was not surprised by and wrote some prescriptions and made some strong suggestions.

So now I need to find a therapist and wait for the pills to start working.  I told Daniel last night that it's been so long since I felt like myself that I don't even necessarily remember who I was.  I'm hoping that myself comes back soon though. I miss her.

And to you all- thanks for listening and encouraging. I appreciate it.


Lizzie said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I'm so proud of you, Carrie. What a hard thing to do. I just love you.

Karen said...

I'm really, really proud of you. It's a painfully hard step to take but you won't be sorry. You'll find YOU again, maybe even with some new features. :)