Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Halfway through the week

On Sunday we were all well, so went to church. By Sunday evening, Ethan was showing signs of a cold. Kept him home from school on Monday. He seemed fine by Monday evening, so we thought maybe it was just allergies and sent him to school on Tuesday. By Tuesday evening it was clear that he is not fine. Today he was home very sick and I'm feeling guilty about all the people we've potentially exposed to his cold germs. 

So anyway- we're mostly quarantined here at the house, coughing on each other.  But, we just went out for a walk and IT'S GORGEOUS!!! I was in a light jacket and was too warm. I wanted to dance and twirl in the sunshine, but there were so many other people out and about as well that I didn't :)

My doctor's office called to reschedule my appointment, so I'm back on track for that. After they canceled before, I did not reschedule, but I took this as a sign and accepted the appointment. Next week. We'll see how it goes. 

On weight-related news, after several weeks of eating almost entirely vegetarian AND doing Weight Watchers, I've gained 5 pounds. I cried.  And Ethan has lost a pound, back down to 27 pounds.  I also cried when I saw that.  He's eating a little, but not enough to gain or even maintain his weight, so we're back to chasing him around with the nutritional supplement and begging him to eat all the time. He's definitely making progress with therapy, but not enough.

And on another not cheerful note, it looks like Daniel's aunt has just a few days left.  When we were there 10 days ago, the doctors were saying 2-3 months, but she's gone down hill quickly. From our perspective, it seems like she was waiting for her sister to arrive, and when her sister got there last weekend, all the goodbyes had been said. It's interesting to see the power of the human spirit in situations like this. Aunt is tired and in pain and she's said her goodbyes and now she's ready for Heaven. 

My goodness, that is a depressing blog post.  Sorry. Tomorrow should be better though- we're going to a video game launch party in the evening.  So there's fun and cheerful posts to come!

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Mommyto3andahusky said...

Praying for Daniels Aunt...I have been running and gaining. :( I know how you feel. Hope your week gets better! :(