Friday, March 25, 2011


This week. So long. So boring. Seriously, I talked to my 84-year-old grandmother yesterday and at that point her week had been more exciting than mine. And she only left her house ONCE.  Thankfully I got to leave the germy ones at home with Daniel last night and went to a video game launch party and drank wine and chatted with a blog friend, so that was fun.

Speaking of the germy ones, I actually took them to the doctor today.  Other than well child visits and things related to Ethan's weight, in his entire almost 4 years of life, Ethan's gone in only twice. Vivian's never been to the doctor for things other than well baby visits.  So me taking them to the doctor is a pretty momentous thing to do. 

And it was good that we did go in, because Dr. Google was right, and in their case the oozing from their eyes was a sign of a sinus infection.  Ethan also has a full-on ear infection in one ear and a minor infection in the other.  Vivian's ears were fine, but the rest of her was full of sinus infection. So we're doing our first-ever round of antibiotics here and hoping for the best. 

The other stressful thing today was that Ethan weighed in at under 27 pounds.  I just can't even cope with this fact and am wishing very hard that I didn't have to be a grownup right now.  Seriously.  I am SO tired of watching his weight and watching him eat only a tiny bit. And I'm tired of pushing the high calorie drinks on him, but if I don't, the number on the scale just drops and drops.  Therapy and school are helping a good bit, but then he gets a cold or gets a stomach flu and stops eating and it's all downhill from there. Feeling very overwhelmed by this situation right now and praying for a miracle.

Thank goodness it's Friday. And the sun is shining.  And my birthday is on Monday! Reasons to smile!

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