Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facebook makes the world a small place

Back a few years ago, I ended up connecting on Facebook with a high school classmate. I'm fairly certain that we never actually spoke in high school (it was a very large school) or had any classes together, but I knew who she was and she knew who I was. Oh, and we now live within 1/2 a mile of each other. In Seattle, 3000+ miles from where we went to high school. Most days, she stops for coffee on her way to work at the coffee shop across the street, so most days I see her first thing in the morning.  It's very strange.

And it got stranger this week, again, thanks to Facebook.  I have a friend (in real life this time, not just on Facebook), that I met a couple of years ago, through this blog. I can't remember the details at this point, but the point is that we met and hang out occasionally and also chat on Facebook.

This past weekend, my blog friend added a new friend to her Facebook list- and I realized the name looked familiar- and when I checked, I realized that it's the sister of my high school friend (so presumably we probably also went to high school together!).  So my blog friend (who has no connection to our high school or hometown) is friends with my high school classmate's sister. I find this kind of small-world thing to be very weird. 

Possibly I find it weird and blogworthy because my week so far as consisted of cold medicine and staying indoors, out of the insane torrential rain.  There is that possibility :)

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Whitney said...

The Internet is much more small-world than I think we realize! a few months ago, I checked out a local tattoo parlor and one of the women being tattooed was talking about a blog post she read by a really good "real-life" friend of mine. Very surreal moment! :)