Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Ethan came home from preschool today with a backpack full of valentines and small toys. He left home this morning with nothing for his classmates. Whoops.  In my defense, I've never been given a class list (or ANY other information), so would have had a hard time addressing valentines anyway.  Oh, and I just forgot. I'm not really in the "mom of a school-aged kid" mode yet.  Oh well.

Valentine's Day is pretty much a bust here this year. Daniel's busy with work today and some other stuff that's going on. And it's home fellowship night, which he will be attending alone, as Vivian is sick and can't go.  Romantic to the nth degree, no?

At least our anniversary is right around the corner and the grandparents will be here. And they're taking the kids to Portland in the middle of the week for one night, so we actually get two nights off (one night for Portland, one for our actual anniversary).  And my best friend sent me a message about making plans for mid-winter break the same week as the kids are gone (she's a teacher) and I realized that I have a weekday free! With no kids! So I get to hang out. ON A WEDNESDAY!!! Unheard of and fabulous.

In other news, on Saturday night we were getting Ethan ready for bed, when he started sneezing. And sneezing and sneezing. Uncontrollably. And the next thing I knew, Daniel looked at him and said "his tube is out!".  It had been in almost 3 weeks on the same side, and that's close to the maximum recommended time. He stopped sneezing as soon as it was out, so I think his little nose just was tired of it.

I'm not sure what we're going to do next, and it's tough to lose those 700-900 calories per day, but boy, it's great to see this little face again, without anything taped to it.

Now we're just going to give it a few weeks and hope that, with extensive begging and therapy, he eats enough and drinks enough supplement to not lose the weight he's put on this month.  More decisions to be made later, but it's nice to have a break for now.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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Kate said...

I'd love to chat with you some. I have a kiddo with eating issues too and we started OT in the fall but be/c of ins. had to stop... you can delete this comment if you want, I just wanted a way to contact you. My email is krazeymae at gmail dot com. I'm on the E board on WW... a friend told me of your blog be/c of something you posted a few posts back, it really hit home with where we are currently with my son...

thanks. looking forward to emailing with you if you don't mind.