Saturday, February 5, 2011


It's not quite 7 PM on Saturday night and I'm ready to go to bed. Seriously, how old and pathetic is that?  We had a crazy day here today- at least crazy for us homebodies.  Ethan and I had the chance to attend a movie screening this morning with friends, which was tons of fun.  It was his first full-length movie, but he did great! Then we went to lunch and then to Target where I bought stuff to clean the rental property. I told my friend who was with us that it was possibly my most boring Target shopping experience ever- nothing but cleaning supplies!

Then we left the kids with my friend and headed out, not on a date, but to clean the unit.  Apparently the renter decided to stop cleaning when she knew she was being evicted. Two hours of inhaling nasty fumes later, we hadn't even made it to the point of cleaning the floors.  And it's a tiny little studio unit. Some serious dirt was dealt with today.  Poor Daniel's back at the unit now, vacuuming and carpet cleaning and steaming.  I think he's paid his penance for not screening the tenant carefully enough!

This whole thing has been a real learning experience.  With some moments of utter confusion and amusement.  Like when the renter put Daniel down as a reference on another property.  Or when she (after having trouble finding another property to rent), asked us if we'd consider letting her sign another lease with us.  And when she was being evicted, she tried to get the sheriff to help her carry stuff to the car, and asked Daniel to be careful with how he packed up her stuff. 

Today I was kind of amused to see that the walls of the condo had lots of post-it notes up with motivational, succeed in life quotes written on them.  Not surprisingly, none of the notes said anything like "remember to pay your rent".  My amusement went to annoyance though, when I was cleaning out a drawer and found piles of shopping bags from fancy spas and salons and makeup stores.  Things that I couldn't afford in a million years, particularly with having to cover two mortgages for the past several months. Now we know where the rent money went.

Sadly there's still lots more to do before we can get it rented out again. Like finding potential renters (of course) and doing some painting and buying a new mattress for the bed. Still, we're making progress and the end is in sight! 


Andrea said...

Motivational quotes, that is seriously funny!

Maggie said...

I feel terrible that I am only reading this now. This ex-renter sounds UNREAL. I mean, I knew she was crazypants, but I can't even IMAAAAAAAGINE! We should hang out sometime so you can tell me all the juicy details. What are you doing next week? What's your preschool schedule like?