Sunday, February 6, 2011


It's Sunday night- time to watch Glee! Hurray! Trying to soak in a bit of quiet time after an insane weekend. We were painting or cleaning or dashing from point A to point B the whole time. But the rental property is cleaned and partially painted, and we're ready to show it off.  Now we just need some prospective tenants!  More painting is in the works for next weekend- hopefully without the kids in tow this time, although they had fun running around and watching the Super Bowl while we worked. 

Today was an unusual day for us with Ethan- for the first time, total strangers asked questions about his tube.  Up to this point we've been around people who knew the story of the tube, or who had a kid who had had a tube. Or people just looked, but didn't ask.  Today we were at the store picking up paint, and the cashier was incredibly concerned about Ethan. He was also concerned that I was buying a book on home canning, because he wasn't sure if I could handle that on top of taking care of my kid.  It was actually kind of sweet, his level of worry and concern for Ethan (and I think the guy may have been a bit special needs himself), but it did catch me offguard, since I had just been telling Daniel that no one to date had ever asked.

Then right after that, we were coming home and in the elevator with the neighbor from upstairs, and he had lots of questions too. So I went from almost a month of no one saying anything, to trying to explain the tube in strange situations to two strangers in the space of an hour. Weird day.

But seriously, where did this weekend go? I want a re-do!

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Mommyto3andahusky said...

You are such a good Mommy! :) No re-do's here! This was my weekend to work and I am glad that it is almost over! I want next weekend which is my weekend off! :)