Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, today was the long awaited first day of preschool. I opted not to have Ethan ride the bus today, so earlyish this morning we loaded up the car and headed up to his school.  We were ridiculously early, so had plenty of time for walking around and posing for first day of school photos.  Then it was time to pass my baby off to his teacher.

Ethan walked in, took off his coat (something he claims to not be able to do here at home), hugged his teacher, hugged the school nurse, then went and sat down in the circle to play. When he coughed, he covered his mouth (again, something he is incapable of doing at home). Then his teacher said "say goodbye to your mom and your sister" and with that Vivian and I found ourselves standing on the sidewalk, looking around in confusion.

We made a quick trip to Goodwill where I got coats for myself, Vivian and Ethan for $30 total! Score! And then we made our way to my friend's house where she generously let us stay much longer than the brief "minute to drop things off" that I'd advertised. And she fed me coffee and a brownie. Score!  It was interesting to see Vivian play with her friend without Ethan around. Generally it's all three kids running around, and since Ethan's the oldest, he's often the dominant personality. Him not being there made Vivian seem so grown up all of a sudden as she ran off and played games with her friend. No big brother necessary.

Then we were actually late for pick up (just a minute) because we ran into the mom of a friend of mine at the grocery store and the lines were long- nothing like starting out how I want to continue, right? Late on the first day...But we collected him and made it home and all is well.  He's tired, but today was a lot of new stuff, and he was up late last night for Chinese New Year, so that's understandable.

And in other FABULOUS news- the renter is out of the building!!! It required the sheriff coming in yesterday, she had no intention of leaving on her own, ever. Why should she, since she's been living there essentially rent-free since mid-November.  Daniel and I are thrilled! She still owes us a ton of money and the place is vacant now, but whatever. This part of the drama is done and we can move on. 

Anyway, here are some first day of school photos. My baby boy is so grown up!

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