Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our annual trip to Smith Tower

After church today, my little family and my parents drove past our home and downtown to Smith Tower, for our annual pilgrimage to the place where Daniel and I got married in 2006.  It was nice to have Mom and Dad with us this year- both because it was a landmark anniversary- and because it takes a lot of effort to get good family pictures with two wiggly little ones!  Usually we get the attendant in the Chinese Room to take one or two photos and just hope for a good one- this year Mom took dozens, so we got some pretty good ones.

Us in the lobby of Smith Tower, waiting to go upstairs

Daniel and I on the spot where we got married in 2006

Nana and Poppy with the kids

Our annual picture. Love this one, as Vivian is getting ready to yell, which is so Vivian!

With the lion

I never cease to be amazed by the beautiful decor in the Chinese Room- even the ceiling is pretty!

Looking at the building that will probably house Daddy's new office in a few months

Staring at downtown

Another new friend for Ethan

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