Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In which I desperately hate snow.

So, according to plan, my parents were supposed to take the little people to Portland tomorrow to visit my grandmother, and were supposed to come home on Thursday. Then we spent the day hearing horror stories about the snow that was coming.  And that the area where my parents would be driving is especially bad. So there goes that idea.  Hopefully they'll be able to go down on Friday, which will be great.

I know that it is the right decision and this will keep the family safe. But I was SO looking forward to an entire day at home alone without kids.  Right now the only time I have without kids needing something is when Vivian naps for a few minutes before Ethan gets home from preschool.  So it's insane- but I'm so sad about losing my day of just being me.  Thankfully, Daniel and I still get to go to a fancy hotel (love deal-of-the-day-sites!) on our anniversary on Friday. Where we will nap, because we are exhausted from dealing with Vivian and her night owl ways. 

And, on a non-feeling-sorry-for-myself note, my kids had the BEST AFTERNOON EVER!!! yesterday. Since Mom and Dad are staying in our downtown rental condo, they have no rental car. So the kids and I took the monorail to downtown, and then light rail to the airport, where we MET UP WITH GRANDPARENTS!!!  And then reversed the train/monorail trip back to our home. You absolutely cannot top that in the life of preschooler and toddler!
BEST afternoon/evening ever! On the train with the grandparents!

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