Thursday, February 24, 2011

If your foot is run over by a car...

I am in full-on anniversary, romance, everything is lovey-dovey mode tonight, but then read a post by a real-life friend of mine and had to make a comment. Seriously. Women- can we give each other a break already?  Life is hard. That's just the truth, no matter what the details or the exact situation.  But can we just allow each other to have a rough day or be scared of the future and write about it online?

Yes, I have kids and they make me crazy a lot of the time. And I know there are women who read my blog and others who can't have kids and who want to be in my place. I remember being single and being annoyed with married friends who complained about their hubbies. I get it. Seriously. It's hard to see someone complaining about what you're dreaming of.

I heard something recently, and I can't remember where exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was my beloved Manic Mommies podcast, that said something along the lines of "yes, so you only are dealing with a foot being run over by a car, and your friend was hit by a car, but does that make your foot hurt any less?"

I think there's a lot of truth in that. Yes, the things that I or other bloggers might complain about are not so major in your world, or maybe they're even what you'd give anything to be dealing with. But that's still their reality, and if we're going to be real on the internet, we have to give each other space to be honest.  Even if it's someone who's being sad about grass that looks awfully green to us.

On that note, my beautiful toddler is starting to cry and wake up and that's apparently my cue to get up and hold her for hours while she refuses to sleep on her own.

Seriously, adulthood is complicated. Let's cut each other a little slack.

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Andrea said...

LOVE this post. And I can completely relate. We dealt with infertility for a few years, drugs, doctors, the works. And now that I have kids, I am IN IT. Life is completely complicated and beautiful and stressful. Of course I cherish my kids, they are blessings I wasn't sure I'd ever have. But that doesn't make the actual motherhood part any less difficult at times.

Happy Anniversary, Carrie. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!