Monday, February 7, 2011

Home, safe and sound

Today was the first day that Ethan was supposed to ride the bus to and from preschool. Of course, I heard nothing from the school district last week, so was planning to drive him. Then his teacher sent me an email this morning letting me know that yes, the bus would be here this morning to get him. So I scurried around to get us all dressed and ready 30 minutes earlier than planned. And then the bus didn't show up. So I dashed to get my purse, threw the kids in the car and headed to school. The teacher was not happy that the bus hadn't showed up, but assured me that he would ride home on the bus this afternoon.

His teacher is something of a force of nature and is not to be argued with, so I decided to trust her.  And a little while ago, my tiny boy showed up on his big bus.  Very reassuring, as I spent most of the morning worrying about my not-so-verbal 3-year-old trying to give directions to the bus driver (yes, they have our address and my phone number and all, but still. I'm a mom. I was bored while folding laundry).

Oh, and the phone number drama. It got put in the system wrong back at the beginning and I've corrected it with everyone I've met, yet it insists on staying wrong. Finally I called the district myself this morning and spent 30 minutes being routed from person to person  before it finally got fixed.  Daniel and I are realizing that this is just the first step in a long journey of simple things being overly complicated.

Anyway, Ethan's home now and he had fun at school and I got the laundry folded and Vivian had a blissful morning of coloring without anyone around to steal her crayons. Still, it's going to be a big adjustment, having Ethan gone over four hours per day, four days per week. He's the first pick up on the bus and the last drop off, so he's going to have lots of time to rest on the bus!

In other completely random news, did I tell you guys that I'm taking an introductory canning class this coming weekend?  I started making my own yogurt, and that was easy and I've been doing lots of baking and that went well, so I started looking around and trying to decide what to do next. I have memories of my mom canning up a storm in the summer, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Should be entertaining, at least!


Lizzie said...

What did he think of the bus ride? I'm so glad it worked out today. Hopefully tomorrow will be sans glitches!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Glad he is safe! :) Let me know how the yogurt goes! :)