Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five years

Tonight is one of those nights when I can tell you pretty much exactly what was going on on this exact date 5 years ago.  I was staying in a super fancy hotel room in downtown Seattle with my best friend. Earlier that night was my wedding rehearsal (which I ran and had no idea what was going on), then a dinner at the party room of the condo I was living in (the condo that turned into the evil rental unit of much drama this year), then hanging out and trying desperately to sleep.  I can tell you that I took a sleeping pill and still watched pretty much every minute go by on the fancy hotel clock, until we got up bright and early on my wedding day.

It's so tough to wrap my brain around the fact that it's only been five years since Daniel and I got married. Five years ago we were planning to live in his house down near Olympia- then we ended up changing our minds and moving up to Seattle.  So as newlyweds we split our time between his big house which was about 1.5 hours from Seattle and the studio in Seattle- then moved to the studio- then moved to our current home.

So in 5 years, we lived in a house in Olympia, a studio in downtown Seattle, and this home. Daniel worked at three different jobs, and I did every possible version of working/not working/working part-time.  Oh, and we had two kids. Seriously, I never imagined celebrating my fifth anniversary with not just two kids, but two kids who are walking and talking and completely out of babyhood. We've moved fast and have been busy.

It's been a challenging five years in a lot of ways, but when I look back on things, there is no one I would rather have by my side than Daniel. He's amazingly patient and loyal and is an incredible husband and father.  I prayed for a long time for a husband, and God answered my prayers in a way that was above and beyond what I ever hoped for. 

Tomorrow Mom and Dad are taking this kids to Portland (hurray!) and we're going to celebrate our anniversary at a fancy restaurant and hotel in Bellevue. LOVE deal-of-the-day sites- we got an amazing bargain! We're so looking forward to a full night's sleep without Miss Vivian kicking us! And for the chance to just be us for a while and chat and remember why we started on this insane journey.

Even though you don't read this blog... Daniel, I love you. You're amazing and I am so glad to be blessed with you as my husband. Happy 5th anniversary.

Us- back when we slept for more than two hours at at time. :)

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