Saturday, February 26, 2011


My life was pretty much completely fabulous for the last two days. Mom and Dad showed up slightly after 9 AM on Friday to switch cars with us and head off to Portland with the kids to visit my grandmother. After they left, Daniel and I looked at each other in confusion and realized that we had never been alone at home together without the kids. It's rare that even one person is home alone without kids, so both of us being home alone without the kids was a totally new experience. We decided to be wild and crazy and finish the taxes, vacuum and put up some new home decor stuff.  Insane, right?

Then we headed off to the Eastside for our anniversary night away. First off, a stop for sushi. That's the only drawback to my parents' visiting- we have to tone down our diet a bit- definitely no sushi!  Then on to our hotel. It was a gorgeous place attached to a club, so we had access to all the restaurants and lounges and HUGE workout facilities.  Since I'm married to Mr. Healthy, we had packed our workout gear, and I went for my first run in a long time on the indoor track. It went well, so I'm all excited about training for the 10K again. After that we had a nice evening of using our dining credits at the various restaurants and bar, before retiring for lots of watching HGTV on cable. Yes, that's what happens when a non-cable family goes to a hotel with cable

This morning we got up and Daniel lifted weights while I went and ran again!!! How healthy are we?  Mid-afternoon we made our way back here where we finished up a few more things before my parents returned with the kids. They made us laugh- usually we have dinner and they hang out and chat, but tonight they had their coats on and shoes on and bags in hand before we even knew what was going on. I think 34 hours of taking care of our kids was enough for them for a while. Can't blame them a bit :)

Daniel and I are feeling so blessed today- it was a wonderful, relaxing anniversary trip that we didn't think we had any chance of getting. Yes, it wasn't the flying away to some tropical location trip that we hoped for, but it was wonderful time to talk about the past 5 years and celebrate our life together.  We've been through a lot, especially lately, but God is faithful and we have each other and the little crazy people... and that's all that really matters.


Elizabeth said...

Yay for recharging!!

Lizzie said...

Eh, that was me signed in wrong...