Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our annual trip to Smith Tower

After church today, my little family and my parents drove past our home and downtown to Smith Tower, for our annual pilgrimage to the place where Daniel and I got married in 2006.  It was nice to have Mom and Dad with us this year- both because it was a landmark anniversary- and because it takes a lot of effort to get good family pictures with two wiggly little ones!  Usually we get the attendant in the Chinese Room to take one or two photos and just hope for a good one- this year Mom took dozens, so we got some pretty good ones.

Us in the lobby of Smith Tower, waiting to go upstairs

Daniel and I on the spot where we got married in 2006

Nana and Poppy with the kids

Our annual picture. Love this one, as Vivian is getting ready to yell, which is so Vivian!

With the lion

I never cease to be amazed by the beautiful decor in the Chinese Room- even the ceiling is pretty!

Looking at the building that will probably house Daddy's new office in a few months

Staring at downtown

Another new friend for Ethan

Saturday, February 26, 2011


My life was pretty much completely fabulous for the last two days. Mom and Dad showed up slightly after 9 AM on Friday to switch cars with us and head off to Portland with the kids to visit my grandmother. After they left, Daniel and I looked at each other in confusion and realized that we had never been alone at home together without the kids. It's rare that even one person is home alone without kids, so both of us being home alone without the kids was a totally new experience. We decided to be wild and crazy and finish the taxes, vacuum and put up some new home decor stuff.  Insane, right?

Then we headed off to the Eastside for our anniversary night away. First off, a stop for sushi. That's the only drawback to my parents' visiting- we have to tone down our diet a bit- definitely no sushi!  Then on to our hotel. It was a gorgeous place attached to a club, so we had access to all the restaurants and lounges and HUGE workout facilities.  Since I'm married to Mr. Healthy, we had packed our workout gear, and I went for my first run in a long time on the indoor track. It went well, so I'm all excited about training for the 10K again. After that we had a nice evening of using our dining credits at the various restaurants and bar, before retiring for lots of watching HGTV on cable. Yes, that's what happens when a non-cable family goes to a hotel with cable

This morning we got up and Daniel lifted weights while I went and ran again!!! How healthy are we?  Mid-afternoon we made our way back here where we finished up a few more things before my parents returned with the kids. They made us laugh- usually we have dinner and they hang out and chat, but tonight they had their coats on and shoes on and bags in hand before we even knew what was going on. I think 34 hours of taking care of our kids was enough for them for a while. Can't blame them a bit :)

Daniel and I are feeling so blessed today- it was a wonderful, relaxing anniversary trip that we didn't think we had any chance of getting. Yes, it wasn't the flying away to some tropical location trip that we hoped for, but it was wonderful time to talk about the past 5 years and celebrate our life together.  We've been through a lot, especially lately, but God is faithful and we have each other and the little crazy people... and that's all that really matters.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

If your foot is run over by a car...

I am in full-on anniversary, romance, everything is lovey-dovey mode tonight, but then read a post by a real-life friend of mine and had to make a comment. Seriously. Women- can we give each other a break already?  Life is hard. That's just the truth, no matter what the details or the exact situation.  But can we just allow each other to have a rough day or be scared of the future and write about it online?

Yes, I have kids and they make me crazy a lot of the time. And I know there are women who read my blog and others who can't have kids and who want to be in my place. I remember being single and being annoyed with married friends who complained about their hubbies. I get it. Seriously. It's hard to see someone complaining about what you're dreaming of.

I heard something recently, and I can't remember where exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was my beloved Manic Mommies podcast, that said something along the lines of "yes, so you only are dealing with a foot being run over by a car, and your friend was hit by a car, but does that make your foot hurt any less?"

I think there's a lot of truth in that. Yes, the things that I or other bloggers might complain about are not so major in your world, or maybe they're even what you'd give anything to be dealing with. But that's still their reality, and if we're going to be real on the internet, we have to give each other space to be honest.  Even if it's someone who's being sad about grass that looks awfully green to us.

On that note, my beautiful toddler is starting to cry and wake up and that's apparently my cue to get up and hold her for hours while she refuses to sleep on her own.

Seriously, adulthood is complicated. Let's cut each other a little slack.

Five years

Tonight is one of those nights when I can tell you pretty much exactly what was going on on this exact date 5 years ago.  I was staying in a super fancy hotel room in downtown Seattle with my best friend. Earlier that night was my wedding rehearsal (which I ran and had no idea what was going on), then a dinner at the party room of the condo I was living in (the condo that turned into the evil rental unit of much drama this year), then hanging out and trying desperately to sleep.  I can tell you that I took a sleeping pill and still watched pretty much every minute go by on the fancy hotel clock, until we got up bright and early on my wedding day.

It's so tough to wrap my brain around the fact that it's only been five years since Daniel and I got married. Five years ago we were planning to live in his house down near Olympia- then we ended up changing our minds and moving up to Seattle.  So as newlyweds we split our time between his big house which was about 1.5 hours from Seattle and the studio in Seattle- then moved to the studio- then moved to our current home.

So in 5 years, we lived in a house in Olympia, a studio in downtown Seattle, and this home. Daniel worked at three different jobs, and I did every possible version of working/not working/working part-time.  Oh, and we had two kids. Seriously, I never imagined celebrating my fifth anniversary with not just two kids, but two kids who are walking and talking and completely out of babyhood. We've moved fast and have been busy.

It's been a challenging five years in a lot of ways, but when I look back on things, there is no one I would rather have by my side than Daniel. He's amazingly patient and loyal and is an incredible husband and father.  I prayed for a long time for a husband, and God answered my prayers in a way that was above and beyond what I ever hoped for. 

Tomorrow Mom and Dad are taking this kids to Portland (hurray!) and we're going to celebrate our anniversary at a fancy restaurant and hotel in Bellevue. LOVE deal-of-the-day sites- we got an amazing bargain! We're so looking forward to a full night's sleep without Miss Vivian kicking us! And for the chance to just be us for a while and chat and remember why we started on this insane journey.

Even though you don't read this blog... Daniel, I love you. You're amazing and I am so glad to be blessed with you as my husband. Happy 5th anniversary.

Us- back when we slept for more than two hours at at time. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I think the weather people are a little insane

So, after hearing report after report of the "HORRIBLE AWFUL SNOW!!!" that was headed our way, we ended up with nothing at all here in Seattle. Areas all around Seattle got snow, but it (so far) has missed us almost completely. The radar picture was kind of comical- dark blue indicating snow everywhere except right over the city. Which is just fine with me!

My parents and the kids did reschedule their trip, but since the snow didn't hit here, my best friend came down to the city and we had a great girls' day out. SO much fun!!  We bused into downtown and had a nice lunch, bought jeans for me and dresses for a cruise for her, lingered over coffee and generally caught up on everything.  A much-needed break. 

I love watching my kids with their grandparents- I don't think the kids or my parents stop smiling all day.  It's just incredible, how much they all love each other. I am really blessed.

Now just hoping that the snow is done and goes away and that spring will come soon!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In which I desperately hate snow.

So, according to plan, my parents were supposed to take the little people to Portland tomorrow to visit my grandmother, and were supposed to come home on Thursday. Then we spent the day hearing horror stories about the snow that was coming.  And that the area where my parents would be driving is especially bad. So there goes that idea.  Hopefully they'll be able to go down on Friday, which will be great.

I know that it is the right decision and this will keep the family safe. But I was SO looking forward to an entire day at home alone without kids.  Right now the only time I have without kids needing something is when Vivian naps for a few minutes before Ethan gets home from preschool.  So it's insane- but I'm so sad about losing my day of just being me.  Thankfully, Daniel and I still get to go to a fancy hotel (love deal-of-the-day-sites!) on our anniversary on Friday. Where we will nap, because we are exhausted from dealing with Vivian and her night owl ways. 

And, on a non-feeling-sorry-for-myself note, my kids had the BEST AFTERNOON EVER!!! yesterday. Since Mom and Dad are staying in our downtown rental condo, they have no rental car. So the kids and I took the monorail to downtown, and then light rail to the airport, where we MET UP WITH GRANDPARENTS!!!  And then reversed the train/monorail trip back to our home. You absolutely cannot top that in the life of preschooler and toddler!
BEST afternoon/evening ever! On the train with the grandparents!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blessings and feelings of deja vu

This weekend we got a huge answer to prayers- a signed lease from a nice, reliable, gainfully employed new tenant!  She's super nice and I think she'll be a great tenant.  And she signed a year's lease. SUCH a relief.  We had another application, but he had all sorts of giant waving red flags in his background check, so we passed on that person.  Not going down that road again, that's for sure! 

Just having a great new tenant is an unbelievable blessing, but God added an extra special touch too (love those!).  She's not interested in moving in until March 5th.  She asked if she could pick up the key on March 4th.  My parents arrive today for a visit and are leaving March 3rd.  Having a signed lease means we don't have to show the condo, so my parents can stay there. It's going to be a nice break for them, as it's a fancy building with lots of amenities. And since the condo is within walking distance of our home,  they were able to cancel their rental car, saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars!

Isn't that all just too cool!

This week is starting to freak me out a little bit though.  Our 5th wedding anniversary is on Friday, and I'm realizing that I'm accidentally living out pretty much the same week as I had the week before the wedding. Parents arriving on Monday? Check. Hanging out in Seattle with my best friend on Wednesday? Check.  Large family dinner with a bunch of relatives on Sunday night? Check.  It's kind of freaky.

In other news, we've been spending our time making big, grown-up decisions about things. Things that I can't blog about yet, since they aren't directly my thing.  But hopefully things will be settled soon so that I can share!  Being a grown up is hard! I don't like making decisions. I avoid it at all costs. 

Back to tracking my parents' flight! We're going to the airport to meet them. Without a car, so that means a very exciting trip on the monorail AND the light rail train. AND with Ethan and Vivian's beloved grandparents waiting at the other end. AND a train/monorail trip back. Likely going to be my kids' best afternoon ever :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I've been kind of in a snit this morning. Tired, catching Vivian's cold, sick of laundry, feeling sorry for myself about my review blog not going well, all silly, meaningless stuff.  Thankfully I had the radio on in the background, and my new favorite song, "Glorious Day" from Casting Crowns, came on. If you haven't heard it yet, this song is amazing.  It's one that makes you just stop in your tracks and worship.

And I found a cool video on YouTube that someone's church made to go along with the song. It's really powerful.

Definitely in a better state of mind now. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Ethan came home from preschool today with a backpack full of valentines and small toys. He left home this morning with nothing for his classmates. Whoops.  In my defense, I've never been given a class list (or ANY other information), so would have had a hard time addressing valentines anyway.  Oh, and I just forgot. I'm not really in the "mom of a school-aged kid" mode yet.  Oh well.

Valentine's Day is pretty much a bust here this year. Daniel's busy with work today and some other stuff that's going on. And it's home fellowship night, which he will be attending alone, as Vivian is sick and can't go.  Romantic to the nth degree, no?

At least our anniversary is right around the corner and the grandparents will be here. And they're taking the kids to Portland in the middle of the week for one night, so we actually get two nights off (one night for Portland, one for our actual anniversary).  And my best friend sent me a message about making plans for mid-winter break the same week as the kids are gone (she's a teacher) and I realized that I have a weekday free! With no kids! So I get to hang out. ON A WEDNESDAY!!! Unheard of and fabulous.

In other news, on Saturday night we were getting Ethan ready for bed, when he started sneezing. And sneezing and sneezing. Uncontrollably. And the next thing I knew, Daniel looked at him and said "his tube is out!".  It had been in almost 3 weeks on the same side, and that's close to the maximum recommended time. He stopped sneezing as soon as it was out, so I think his little nose just was tired of it.

I'm not sure what we're going to do next, and it's tough to lose those 700-900 calories per day, but boy, it's great to see this little face again, without anything taped to it.

Now we're just going to give it a few weeks and hope that, with extensive begging and therapy, he eats enough and drinks enough supplement to not lose the weight he's put on this month.  More decisions to be made later, but it's nice to have a break for now.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

In which I make you all feel much better about your mothering style

We found out earlier this week that Ethan did finally get a permanent spot at the special therapy place that we'd been trying to get into.  And not only did he have a spot, his therapy was going to be overseen by the head of the clinic, who is a very well-respected expert on sensory therapy (and many other things). So today we headed to therapy for another try at working on some of his bigger issues.

I felt like a rotten mother within approximately 30 seconds of walking into the room.  Got the kids' shoes and coats off just fine, then the therapist said a phrase that sent chills down my spine "okay, so just go hang out with the kids in the play area and do some pretend play with them."  I'm not sure if the look on my face was terror or confusion- but thankfully they taped the whole thing so that I can see my utter suckiness on DVD later!

Before you worry too much about me, I do interact with my kids. We read books and play play-doh and color. But when it comes to pretend play, I don't typically get involved. They do a good job of playing together and they understand each other and so I'm superfluous.  And, honestly, I don't know how to do pretend play. I've never been good around kids and don't know how to play on their level. Projects or crafts? Sure. Just play? I am clueless.

So I spent 30 minutes looking like an idiot while the therapists (yes, there were two of them!) tried to give me lessons on how to do pretend play with the kids.  And I understand the point that they were making, that this is important for helping Ethan learn to predict things and watch how others interact with the world and know what's going on in the world around him.  And that all plays into how he interacts with food. So it's important.

But I still suck at it.  As I told the therapists, I'm just too tightly wound to be a good mom in this area. I get stressed out by all the mess and the crashing of blocks/cars/books/whatever is at hand. Ethan's always been energetic and loud and now with 700-900 extra calories in him... the volume and energy is WAY up.  And I have trouble letting go and just putting up with the mess and loudness in my tiny home. 

This was already at top of my prayer list- learning how to be more patient with the kids and more involved.  It's been a big struggle for me lately with all that's going on with Ethan, it's just so incredibly overwhelming and I want to hide in the bathroom all day. But that's not what I need to be doing as a mom, and is definitely not the right attitude. I need an attitude adjustment. I think this therapy is going to be more about helping me than helping Ethan!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

An article about SPD and feeding issues

My parents saw this article in the paper and mentioned it to me. I actually cried when I read it- sometimes it's good to know that you're not alone! It's a really, really good explanation of what's going on with Ethan, he's pretty much a textbook example of what they're talking about here.

Free time

We made it through our first full week of school. The bus riding is going well- my little boy disappears off onto the bus at 8 AM and is returned to me at noon.  He seems to like school and his new friends. Times like this I wish he had a little bit more ability to express himself- I feel very disconnected from the process at the moment. It's really weird to have no direct connection to Ethan's school, other than the school bus and emails now and then from his teacher. Really weird.

Vivian and I are still a little lost in the mornings as we try to figure out what to do. We went alone to the Children's Museum on Tuesday, where Vivian stood and looked around in confusion without Ethan there to direct her activities. She got the hang of things quickly though, and we had a good time, just us girls.

I suddenly find myself with something that I haven't really had since Vivian was born and Ethan quit napping- an hour of free time during the day! It's like the most fabulous thing ever! Vivian's perfectly happy to hang out in her room or color quietly at the table, so for much of the time that Ethan's gone, I can actually get things done. I folded laundry on Monday without anyone unfolding my laundry when I turned my back. I've been able to read my Bible and spend time doing devotions. It's kind of freakish to be able to do two whole things in a row without interruption.

So I've had time to think about what my doctor and Daniel have both been saying- that I need to find something that is my thing, something that I can get excited about doing.  I don't have hobbies or interests or activities at the moment at all. I need to get back to running, and I plan to do so soon, but that's not really a passion or excitement, just a "should do". But, since time still is limited, whatever I end up doing still has to be a small endeavour.

I actually know what it is that I want to do in a general way, I'm just not sure how to make it work or what I could actually do that's a concrete activity. My secret passion lately is for child sponsorship programs, specifically the one through WorldVision.  It interests and motivates me more than anything else that I've come across in a long time. I'm just not sure what I can do about that interest.

In other news, we showed the rental property twice this week, but no real interest yet. I have had to keep myself from falling at the prospective tenants' feet and begging them to just rent our little property, please! We need a renter! This has gone on long enough!!!

Time to get off the computer and go enjoy our glorious winter day here in Seattle!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Home, safe and sound

Today was the first day that Ethan was supposed to ride the bus to and from preschool. Of course, I heard nothing from the school district last week, so was planning to drive him. Then his teacher sent me an email this morning letting me know that yes, the bus would be here this morning to get him. So I scurried around to get us all dressed and ready 30 minutes earlier than planned. And then the bus didn't show up. So I dashed to get my purse, threw the kids in the car and headed to school. The teacher was not happy that the bus hadn't showed up, but assured me that he would ride home on the bus this afternoon.

His teacher is something of a force of nature and is not to be argued with, so I decided to trust her.  And a little while ago, my tiny boy showed up on his big bus.  Very reassuring, as I spent most of the morning worrying about my not-so-verbal 3-year-old trying to give directions to the bus driver (yes, they have our address and my phone number and all, but still. I'm a mom. I was bored while folding laundry).

Oh, and the phone number drama. It got put in the system wrong back at the beginning and I've corrected it with everyone I've met, yet it insists on staying wrong. Finally I called the district myself this morning and spent 30 minutes being routed from person to person  before it finally got fixed.  Daniel and I are realizing that this is just the first step in a long journey of simple things being overly complicated.

Anyway, Ethan's home now and he had fun at school and I got the laundry folded and Vivian had a blissful morning of coloring without anyone around to steal her crayons. Still, it's going to be a big adjustment, having Ethan gone over four hours per day, four days per week. He's the first pick up on the bus and the last drop off, so he's going to have lots of time to rest on the bus!

In other completely random news, did I tell you guys that I'm taking an introductory canning class this coming weekend?  I started making my own yogurt, and that was easy and I've been doing lots of baking and that went well, so I started looking around and trying to decide what to do next. I have memories of my mom canning up a storm in the summer, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Should be entertaining, at least!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


It's Sunday night- time to watch Glee! Hurray! Trying to soak in a bit of quiet time after an insane weekend. We were painting or cleaning or dashing from point A to point B the whole time. But the rental property is cleaned and partially painted, and we're ready to show it off.  Now we just need some prospective tenants!  More painting is in the works for next weekend- hopefully without the kids in tow this time, although they had fun running around and watching the Super Bowl while we worked. 

Today was an unusual day for us with Ethan- for the first time, total strangers asked questions about his tube.  Up to this point we've been around people who knew the story of the tube, or who had a kid who had had a tube. Or people just looked, but didn't ask.  Today we were at the store picking up paint, and the cashier was incredibly concerned about Ethan. He was also concerned that I was buying a book on home canning, because he wasn't sure if I could handle that on top of taking care of my kid.  It was actually kind of sweet, his level of worry and concern for Ethan (and I think the guy may have been a bit special needs himself), but it did catch me offguard, since I had just been telling Daniel that no one to date had ever asked.

Then right after that, we were coming home and in the elevator with the neighbor from upstairs, and he had lots of questions too. So I went from almost a month of no one saying anything, to trying to explain the tube in strange situations to two strangers in the space of an hour. Weird day.

But seriously, where did this weekend go? I want a re-do!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


It's not quite 7 PM on Saturday night and I'm ready to go to bed. Seriously, how old and pathetic is that?  We had a crazy day here today- at least crazy for us homebodies.  Ethan and I had the chance to attend a movie screening this morning with friends, which was tons of fun.  It was his first full-length movie, but he did great! Then we went to lunch and then to Target where I bought stuff to clean the rental property. I told my friend who was with us that it was possibly my most boring Target shopping experience ever- nothing but cleaning supplies!

Then we left the kids with my friend and headed out, not on a date, but to clean the unit.  Apparently the renter decided to stop cleaning when she knew she was being evicted. Two hours of inhaling nasty fumes later, we hadn't even made it to the point of cleaning the floors.  And it's a tiny little studio unit. Some serious dirt was dealt with today.  Poor Daniel's back at the unit now, vacuuming and carpet cleaning and steaming.  I think he's paid his penance for not screening the tenant carefully enough!

This whole thing has been a real learning experience.  With some moments of utter confusion and amusement.  Like when the renter put Daniel down as a reference on another property.  Or when she (after having trouble finding another property to rent), asked us if we'd consider letting her sign another lease with us.  And when she was being evicted, she tried to get the sheriff to help her carry stuff to the car, and asked Daniel to be careful with how he packed up her stuff. 

Today I was kind of amused to see that the walls of the condo had lots of post-it notes up with motivational, succeed in life quotes written on them.  Not surprisingly, none of the notes said anything like "remember to pay your rent".  My amusement went to annoyance though, when I was cleaning out a drawer and found piles of shopping bags from fancy spas and salons and makeup stores.  Things that I couldn't afford in a million years, particularly with having to cover two mortgages for the past several months. Now we know where the rent money went.

Sadly there's still lots more to do before we can get it rented out again. Like finding potential renters (of course) and doing some painting and buying a new mattress for the bed. Still, we're making progress and the end is in sight! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, today was the long awaited first day of preschool. I opted not to have Ethan ride the bus today, so earlyish this morning we loaded up the car and headed up to his school.  We were ridiculously early, so had plenty of time for walking around and posing for first day of school photos.  Then it was time to pass my baby off to his teacher.

Ethan walked in, took off his coat (something he claims to not be able to do here at home), hugged his teacher, hugged the school nurse, then went and sat down in the circle to play. When he coughed, he covered his mouth (again, something he is incapable of doing at home). Then his teacher said "say goodbye to your mom and your sister" and with that Vivian and I found ourselves standing on the sidewalk, looking around in confusion.

We made a quick trip to Goodwill where I got coats for myself, Vivian and Ethan for $30 total! Score! And then we made our way to my friend's house where she generously let us stay much longer than the brief "minute to drop things off" that I'd advertised. And she fed me coffee and a brownie. Score!  It was interesting to see Vivian play with her friend without Ethan around. Generally it's all three kids running around, and since Ethan's the oldest, he's often the dominant personality. Him not being there made Vivian seem so grown up all of a sudden as she ran off and played games with her friend. No big brother necessary.

Then we were actually late for pick up (just a minute) because we ran into the mom of a friend of mine at the grocery store and the lines were long- nothing like starting out how I want to continue, right? Late on the first day...But we collected him and made it home and all is well.  He's tired, but today was a lot of new stuff, and he was up late last night for Chinese New Year, so that's understandable.

And in other FABULOUS news- the renter is out of the building!!! It required the sheriff coming in yesterday, she had no intention of leaving on her own, ever. Why should she, since she's been living there essentially rent-free since mid-November.  Daniel and I are thrilled! She still owes us a ton of money and the place is vacant now, but whatever. This part of the drama is done and we can move on. 

Anyway, here are some first day of school photos. My baby boy is so grown up!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Happy New Year! It's the year of the rabbit, starting tomorrow. I have no idea what that means, so if you're having a baby this year, you're on your own for info :)

Daniel and the kids went to the home of some friends tonight for Chinese hot pot and celebration, while I trekked downtown to participate in a 2-hour focus group about skin care. Honestly, I think I got the better deal. I really needed a couple of hours of time alone and time to just have my mind filled with things other than preschool (tomorrow morning!) and big decisions that we have facing us in our household.

Today, in celebration of the New Year, I dressed up Vivian in an outfit that we picked up at a consignment sale a long time ago and forgot about. Thankfully Daniel reminded me of it before she outgrew it!  So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures!

Ethan trying on some Chinese boots

Vivian and the boots

Vivian and her Chinese doll

Checking out her doll's shoes. Like her Mommy, she's very particular about cute shoes

New Year's kisses

Giving Mommy a New Year's kiss

Happy Year of the Rabbit, everyone!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


With great apologies to anyone who is reading this and living in the horrible weather of the Midwest/East Coast- the weather here today is fabulous! Chilly but sunny, which I will take over grey any day of the week.  The kids and I need to get our acts together and get out to soak up some rays very soon.

So anyway, I finally met with Ethan's preschool teacher today and she is nice and the classroom looks like tons of fun, and we're all on the same page with Ethan's goals for the year.  I can't believe my 3-year-old now has concrete goals and plans for achieving them. I don't even have goals for myself for the year. Am feeling like a slacker.

And they asked lots of questions about his sensory stuff and his eating issues and I probably sounded like a crazy person because, truthfully, even I don't really understand what's going on.  That's the problem with sensory processing disorder- it's so different in every kid and it manifests in different ways in the same kid, depending on the situation. So we're still trying to figure things out and it's almost impossible to explain to anyone.

Except for the fact that he does. not. eat.  That I can explain just fine. Yesterday he ate 1/2 of a chicken nugget. Total. All day.  The day before that he had some crackers.  We're so glad that he's getting calories in the feeding tube.  He's still coming out ahead of where he was pre-tube, so it's still an improvement. Hopefully he'll eat a bit more when he's completely over his most recent cold. Or maybe seeing other kids eat will motivate him or something.  I'm so tired of the battles and the bargaining and the attempts to just get him to look at his food, much less eat it.

But anyway. School! On Thursday! Still trying to figure out the perfect first-day-of-school outfit. Need to go do some rummaging through his drawers and do some negotiating with him to convince him to wear something other than his dump truck shirt for once.  Mommy needs cute pictures!