Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday stuff

1. The weather here this week is conspiring against me.  We went from gorgeous (really cold) sunny weather last week. And Daniel was home, so it was a week of activities! And outings! And free time! And dancing with joy in the bright rays of sunshine. Then the sunshine turned off abruptly and it warmed up and turned utterly gray and Daniel went back to work. So we're back to sitting like lumps in the living room and desperately trying to find the motivation or a reason to head out into the gray drizzle. Bad timing, Seattle winter, bad timing.

2. Ethan had his first appointment with his new sensory therapist today, and he was his usual charming self. And he happily ate for her, because that's how he rolls. We were joking that he just needs to switch therapists every month when the honeymoon period of cooperation and pleasing wears off.

3. Daniel's mom is coming next Wednesday to stay with us until Saturday, so that she can watch Vivian during the day on Thursday and Friday while we're at the hospital for Ethan.  Which means I have to do some serious cleaning. I'm a very neat and tidy person in general, but nothing like my mother-in-law.  And she's going to be alone here with Vivian for days, and I know she won't be able to handle doing nothing, so she will find things to clean and organize. And no, I can't just leave things messy and disorganized for her to deal with.

4.  We started using Netflix on our Wii last week and now I'm catching up on all the random shows on there. I've watched over 20 episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" this week and cried at almost every one. Which is weird because 1) I don't really like weddings, even my own, and cared so little about the dress that I bought the first one I tried on. Used. On Ebay for $100. And gave it away to a stranger after the wedding.  and 2) I don't cry at much of anything, so I have no idea why wedding dresses are choking me up all of a sudden.  I am hoping that my best friend's boyfriend proposes to her soon though, while I'm in this embracing-wedding-dresses mode so that I can use all that I have learned this week.

5. I took 75% of the stuffed animals out of my kids' room last week, as well as a number of their other toys and books. I'm donating them to a family homeless shelter, so have been ruthlessly collecting all the things the kids don't play with.  And the kids haven't even remotely noticed the absence of anything.  The diaper box that I put in the recycling this morning- that they cried over.  This is why I don't buy them much for Christmas or birthdays, they just really don't care, other than for a few special toys.

6.  Ethan and I were gone for 2 hours today. When we came home, Vivian was napping and Ethan could hardly stand it. He kept begging Daniel and I to wake Baby up.  When she finally did get up about 30 minutes later, they couldn't stop hugging and giving each other kisses. SO CUTE.  Then they started fighting over the nearest toy, but whatever. They do love each other!

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