Sunday, January 9, 2011


We had our courtdate on Friday regarding the rental issue. Things are still not 100% done, since local laws lean heavily towards the renter's rights, but the judgment was completely on our side, so we're happy.  Now it's just a waiting game and then collections, but at least we're not in limbo any more. Such an answer to prayers! 

Ethan's had two therapy sessions now with his new therapist, and we all like her. Vivian went along on Friday and was very helpful for showing Ethan how to do the motor skills stuff. She's a one baby motivation crew.  We're still in the honeymoon period where Ethan will do whatever his new therapist wants, so she's taking advantage of that by seeing us often.  Kind of strange to go from our "at home all the time" life to suddenly "very busy with multiple plans in one day" life, but I'll take it.

And we're still on schedule for Ethan's tests and feeding tube on Thursday.  There is a giant storm heading this way, which will supposedly dump a bunch of snow on the area (we shut down for an inch, so a bunch will paralyze the city) on Wednesday night/Thursday, but hopefully it'll go somewhere else.  :)

Church today was a very emotional experience- SO many people stopped us to say they were praying for Ethan.  I know that's the reason that Daniel and I both feel so much peace about this whole thing- we know Ethan's in God's hands, and there's no better place.  After all those people letting us know about their prayers, one of the first songs we sang today in worship was an old hymn (which our church doesn't usually sing), and one of my favorites- Be Still My Soul. Even though I love it, I was so overcome with emotion during the first few verses and couldn't sing for a long time. So many reminders today of God's care for us and for Ethan.

And on a completely different note- did you all see the Seahawks game yesterday! Wow!  I'm totally saying that Seattle, with its losing season and making it into the playoffs only by being less bad than other teams, is going all the way. I think this is our year to win the Super Bowl! :)  And you have not seen sadness like the sadness of the men in my church when they realized that the game next week starts at the exact same time as church. I predict much checking of scores on iPhones.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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