Monday, January 31, 2011


I was supposed to have Ethan's IEP meeting this morning, but then the school's printer broke (random!), so we had to reschedule for tomorrow.  But when the teacher called this morning, she gave me the surprising news that Ethan will be starting preschool. THIS WEEK.  I guess school is out on Wednesday for some reason, but he'll be going Thursday. And starting next Monday, he'll be riding the bus.

Thankfully I have chatted with another mom blogger about the bus riding and her son loves it, so I feel better about it.  It's still all a little overwhelming. Ethan's so little and it's hard to wrap my brain around this.  After I talked to the teacher this morning, I got back in bed and was crying to Daniel saying things like "He's growing up so fast and I didn't appreciate it enough! I get tired of being with them all day and now he's going to be gone all the time!"

We're going from a massively unstructured life to a very scheduled one. Ethan's going to be getting up hours earlier than usual and riding the bus and carrying a backpack and doing big kid things. I'm planning to buy a single jogging stroller so that I can take Vivian out running when Ethan's gone.  Put that free time to good use!

A childless friend annoyed me this morning when I made a comment on Facebook about all this. I said that it was a big change and that he's super excited, but that I'm not entirely ready for it.  She said something about moms complaining about their kids all the time and then being sad when the kids are ready to go it alone.  That annoyed me and made me sad. I hate the fact that it seems like I complain about the kids all the time. I'm not a very good mom in that area, I know.  And it's annoying because yes, it's hard to let kids grow up and go to school and things like that, but he's 3. It's all happening a bit earlier than I imagined it would.  Most 3 year olds don't go off on the school bus four mornings per week.

Anyway, I need to stop being annoyed and get off of the computer and go figure out what I need to do to get my baby ready for preschool! Ahh!!!

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Karen said...

I bet the structure of him going to preschool three mornings a week will really help with the head-banging feelings of redundancy. Jack goes twice a week and it is a lifesaver for me. Not because I want him gone but because everyone needs a break from their job once in awhile.

I know you love your kids like crazy. People who haven't been home alone for daaaays on end with small children don't always understand the ways that it can mess with your head, lol. I find even my own mother doesn't remember it. Those of us in the trenches, though....we hear ya.