Thursday, January 20, 2011

Practice fighting

My kids have started a new thing, which I can only assume is geared toward finally pushing me completely over the edge. They will sit on opposite sides of the room, playing with different toys, and start yelling "my turn", "no! my turn!" at each other.  All while not actually knowing or caring what the other one is playing with!

They also have been getting into squabbles when Ethan will say something, and Vivian will copy him or say something back, none of which is actually understandable on either side (to me at least), then they'll start screaming and crying at each other. 

One of my friends just found out that she's pregnant- and her first child turns one this weekend.  Another member of the kids-close-together club.  I just smiled when she told me and promised to give her advice if she needs and wants it. Not that I have a clue what I'm doing, obviously.

And it's not like we did this by accident- having the kids close together was a deliberate decision.  And overall it's a good thing- the kids love each other and sometimes entertain each other and I know they'll grow up to be close. Vivian adores her big brother and follows him around and he's never more confused and bored than during her nap time.

That being said, they're kind of driving me insane this week. Mostly because we've all got colds and we've been stuck inside a lot with not much going on.  I finally had to send the sugar cookies to work with Daniel today, so that I would stop turning to them for comfort.  :)  But the end of the week is getting closer, so I have hope. 

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Maggie said...

The fighting makes me want to die. Sometimes separating them and having to listen to them SOB and WAIL and SHRIEK from their rooms is an infinitely better alternative than "NO DAKSON!" "DON'T TOUCH ME MOLLY!" "STOP IT DAKSON!" "MOMMY MOLLY SHOVE ME!" GAAAAAAHHHH

I want to die again when I think about how I fought with my brother until I moved out. He actually threw me over a couch when we were TEENAGERS. I am dead. I know it.