Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday night

Can I just say again- being a stay-at-home mom is SO much more fun when one doesn't actually stay at home all day?  We had a great day today- got up early thanks to Vivian's attempts (successful, in this case) to kick Daniel and I out of bed, so I had time to make yogurt and soup and get some laundry done before the kids got up. Followed by a trip to the store, a drive to therapy for Ethan, an outing to the Children's Museum with a church friend, and our church home fellowship meeting at our place tonight.

The home fellowship meeting here means that the house is basically clean, so now I can spend my time trying to see what my mother-in-law might see.  Things like dirt on the drawer of my oven and cat hair on the computer bench. It all must GO before Wednesday night! (I realize I'm sounding insane...)

Now it's late and I should go to bed but 1) Vivian's still in her own bed and waking up every 15 minutes or so, and I'm trying to get her to stay there, so it's easier to sit in the living room and just go from here to pat her back and get her back to sleep. And 2) tomorrow is the only day this week that I don't have to get up at 5 AM, so I am taking advantage by staying up late.

Ethan's stuff is scheduled for 7:30 AM on Thursday. The nurses called today to do the prep info talk- with information like "be sure to not let him eat after 7 PM the day before".  Which kind of made me laugh, since NOT making Ethan eat for 12 whole hours is pretty much a vacation for all of us. Ethan will be thrilled.

On another note- one of my blog friends wrote a post yesterday that I LOVE! I know a lot of people are into couponing, and I'm all for saving money (seriously, there are few people on the planet cheaper than my husband and myself), but I also struggle with the stockpiling/losing track of what I have and wasting money idea (granted, maybe if I lived in a home larger than a closet, my perspective would be different).  So this post really struck home. I love her perspective on things.


kirida said...

I tried couponing, but I am so lazy that it never works out for me. So! I tried Grocery Outlet, and I have to say that I LOOOVE IT. I had shied away from it for the longest time, but every since we started shopping there for the bulk of our items, we have saved so much money.

Mommyto3andahusky said...

I will have to look into Grocery outlet! Thanks Carrie! :) Erin

Carrie said...

I love GO too and try to get there as often as possible. They carry so many great things- tons of organics and other name brands. Love it!