Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm going to divulge all sorts of deep, dark secrets here about my family.  Or maybe shallow, light grey secrets. We're really not that interesting.

1. Daniel. He's watching "Bizarre Foods" right now and keeps saying how hungry he is getting. Because all the organ meats and creepy animals do not freak him out. He is a true Chinese person, there is no such thing as a scary food.  Annoyingly, he also weighs around 120 pounds, because he lives in the US and is honestly not that interested in American food. Intestines yes, potatoes no.  Last month I picked him up and twirled him around. Easily. Because he's THAT skinny.  And he has a desk job.  When I think about things like this, I have to immediately mentally list the reasons why I do love him more than anyone else on the planet.  Seriously, now they're talking about cheeks and eyeballs and gelatinous head fat on "Bizarre Foods" and he's practically drooling

2. Me.  I eat everything. Except pork or seafood (other than salmon). Yes, this is why I lose weight only 1 week out of the year- when we're visiting his parents and eating Chinese food. I pretty much starve that week, since authentic Chinese food is 99% pork and seafood.
Other weirdness from me- I don't believe in reading sad books or watching sad movies. To make sure that I never break this rule, I read the first 10 pages of books and then the last chapter. If it seems depressing, it goes back to the library. For movies, I read full spoilers online before I see them, just so I know.  My mom makes fun of this habit, but my mom doesn't believe in the news. She doesn't watch it on TV or read it online. She has no clue what's going on in the world unless someone tells her, and we know better than telling her anything sad, unless it's really important. I am impressed by this avoidance skill on her part, given that she's a head librarian, and is faced by incoming information all the time.

3. Ethan.  Honestly, he doesn't have any truly weird habits these days. Just some funny little things that he does. Like his new phase of saying "where'd that come from?" about one thousand times per day.  Any little thing that he doesn't recognize in our house or anything out of place on our walk to Seattle Center, it's all "Mommy, where'd that come from!?" I do get tired of figuring out what question I'm answering, but I love his curiosity.

4. Vivian.  She's still young, so it's hard to tell for sure about her, but she has one habit that I find hysterical.  She loves bananas but 1) insists on holding the banana for herself and 2) only eats banana that is still inside the skin. We went through 4 bananas today because she would scream at me to open it, I would do so, she'd insist on running off with it, would take a few bites and then it would break off, then she'd come back and say "fix it" and have a nervous breakdown when I couldn't put it all back together.  Seriously, FOUR times today we did this. And Mommy ate all the extra bananas. Thank goodness they no longer have points on the WW plan :)

They're on to raw pig's brain on TV now. And uterus. And udder. And my husband is still not freaked out. I think he officially wins the "craziest family member" award.  Ugh.


Mommyto3andahusky said...

I hate sad movies and books, I ALWAYS read spoilers as well. Drives people around me nuts as well!

Andrea said...

lol- We watch that show. It only grosses me out if someone is eating something grossed and they too are grossed out by it. I never could watch "Fear Factor" because of the things they made people eat. I COULD not eat a bug for a million bucks. I would try. But I know I couldn't do it.

I like sad movies. And horror films which is probably odd for someone my age. I like being scared. I'm weird. :-P