Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cookie deliveries should not arrive on Tuesday

I actually had plans with a friend this morning! Hurray! Which is good, because it's a really quiet and really slow week and we have only one other thing on our calendar.  That makes for a long week and a slightly grouchy Mommy. But this morning we were out and about and it was fun and we socialized and rejoiced in having someone other than ourselves to talk to.  I even got into a conversation at the Children's Museum with a stranger about Ethan's NG tube- apparently this lady's son had had one as well, so we chatted about that for a bit.

Then we came home to an afternoon with no real plans and nothing to do, and there was a box of cookies waiting at our door.  I do love getting food for the blog, but getting a box of frosted sugar cookies on a long Tuesday afternoon... dangerous!  I'm hoping that things I have to eat for the sake of the review blog don't have calories. Right?

On the Ethan front- things are going really well. He's gaining weight and tolerating the pump well and not messing with his tube. Such an answer to prayers!  He did have a bit of a nervous breakdown yesterday, begging for the pacis to come back from the airplane (a year ago, when we took away his pacis, we told him they left on an airplane).  We're not about to say no to comfort things for him with all that he's going through, so went and bought a package of pacifiers last night. You would not believe the bliss on his face when he got that first hit of pacifier after a year of nothing.

Would you believe the renter situation is still going on? As in she's still living there? And we're still out a staggering amount of money?  If you own property- SCREEN CAREFULLY.  People are going to have to do everything short of give a blood sample to pass our screening process in the future. If we ever get this renter out. Which I am starting to think is never going to happen.  We're trying to stay patient and focused on the big picture here and not lose track of the fact that God is in control, even of this mess.  But boy, do we wish God would deal with this soon!

I really want another cookie.  


Mommyto3andahusky said...

That is just ridiculous!!! And totally unfair!! I am sorry you are going through that! :(

Andrea said...

At this point, can't she be arrested or simply thrown out with a phone call to them cops? Or can't you go over there when she isn't home and change the locks then auction her things off? Laws are a lot different in California....we had a relative who got evicted and came home to find all of his belongings on the lawn and the locks had been changed...hahaha