Friday, January 28, 2011

At least the long day means I get takeout sushi for dinner

Friday evening. Daniel's still at work.  Kids are watching Angelina Ballerina (another new discovery on Netflix).  Floors are vacuumed, laundry is more or less done (when is it ever REALLY done?). Weekend getting closer.  Unfortunately the kids are both sick again, so we may have to cancel our weekend outing plans or take turns attending them while the other adult stays home with the sickies.

The worst part of being home with sick kids on a rainy day? I ran out of diet coke and there was no way I could take two runny nosed, loudly coughing kids out in the cold and rain to make an emergency walk to the store for more.  Must plan better in the future!

But whatever, I convinced Daniel that we need sushi tonight for the sake of the kids who haven't eaten much in several days.  They love sushi, and it's usually a sure thing that they'll eat it.  Hurray for not having to make dinner!

Guess who's still living in our rental condo?  Have I mentioned how uber pro-renter the laws are around here? It's like a nightmare that we can't wake up from.  If you're a praying person, we'd love prayers that she'll be out soon and that we can find a good new renter very, very quickly!

All this rain is making me want to bake something. Off to see what I have on hand in the cupboards! Happy Friday!

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