Thursday, January 13, 2011

At the hospital

Ethan is loving one part of today- all the TV! I think he's been watching since 9 this morning, although I did get him to take a brief book-reading break :)

We got up very early this morning and headed over here to Children's.  Unfortunately, Vivian woke up before we left, so we departed to the sounds of her screaming.  She did go back to sleep later, thankfully.  I think it's still going to be a long day for Daniel's mom!

Ethan was a pretty unhappy camper most of the morning. Everything, from the identification bracelet to the taking of his temperature to our attempts to dress him in a hospital gown were kind of a disaster. Fortunately they're the experts here at Children's and they know what is essential and what's optional- we snuck the identification bracelet on his ankle when he was watching TV and they did the procedure with him in his regular pjs. 

Now we're in our hospital room, and Ethan's surrounded by a big pile of books and puzzles and his new teddy bear.  He's unhooked from everything except the IV and the feeding tube, so he's happy about that.  The feeding tube really bugged him at first- they had him in arm restraints when we got to his room, but he did eventually calm down. Every hour or so he looks at me and says "all done with the tube, Mommy," but he's at least not actively trying to pull it out.

Daniel's gone to get Vivian and his mom and bring them here for a visit.  I'm not used to being away from Vivian for so long- I'm already missing her!

They're going to teach us how to feed him with the tube tomorrow morning, and we'll get to head home after that.  Thanks all for your prayers- we've really felt them today and over the past few weeks.  You are appreciated.

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Lizzie said...

Oh, I'm so glad he's doing so well with it all! And you too! Thanks for the update. xoxo