Monday, January 3, 2011

And back to reality

The kids are sitting on the couch, watching Kipper (our newest obsession that we recently discovered on while streaming Netflix to our Wii- don't we sound so high tech!), and I'm supposed to be using my downtime to address the small mountain of laundry that has accumulated on the couch.  Obviously, I am not on task.

Wow- what a week and a half! We've traveled to Canada, seen lots of family, got tons done around the house, went to the aquarium, the zoo, rode the monorail, went to IKEA and Target and the grocery store, stopped by the library, went to church... you name it, we did it during this holiday week.

Not surprisingly, Ethan got sick last night, so I ended canceling our first long-awaited sensory therapy appointment. Then he seemed better this morning, so I called to see if the spot was still free, but they'd filled it (between 6 PM on Sunday night and 8 AM Monday morning!), and originally told them that we couldn't do Wednesday at noon (Wednesday is Daniel's big meeting day at work), then Daniel rearranged his schedule and called them back to rebook that appointment... all to say, we haven't even been in once yet, and I'm pretty sure they think we're insane.

Ethan's endoscopy and placement of the NG tube is scheduled for next Thursday, so we'll be in the hospital Thursday and Friday. I think Daniel's family is coming down to watch Vivian, if we can get things together that quickly.  It's been a crazy week on that front too- last Monday when it first came up in conversation, I couldn't even think of the tube without crying, but now we really have peace about it and know that it's what needs to happen. Thanks to lots of prayers from lots of loved ones, I'm sure.

And on the other stressful front, Daniel's got a court appointment for Friday. We're praying so hard that this whole rental situation will be resolved soon.  We need to focus our time and money on Ethan and not on this. It's turn is over soon, I hope!

Anyway, just enjoying the beautiful sunshine coming in through our windows and trying to remember what we do to entertain ourselves around here without Daddy around to help. It's amazing how quickly we got used to having him around. It was hard to let him out the door this morning! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas/New Years' Day as well- happy Monday!

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Lizzie said...

Lucy and I would be more than happy to fill in any gaps with Miss Vivi next week, if she'll have us. Isn't the sun nice? I'm contemplating a turn around the zoo if I can gumption up the energy!