Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ah, the irony of it all

Daniel's been saying for months now "if we could just get Vivian to sleep the entire night in her own bed, I wouldn't be so tired all the time." He's right, she's a terrible bed hog and some nights she's restless and kicks and pokes her tiny little toes in my side and edges him out of bed entirely.

But she's also so cute and snuggly and I love waking up looking at her sweet face.

Last night we got home late from home fellowship, so by the time the kids had a snack and did the bedtime routine, it was well over two hours past their bedtime. Also known as the time that Vivian thinks she actually should go to bed. So she went down in her toddler bed just fine, and stayed there. All night. When she goes to bed at normal time, she'll go down well, but generally wakes up several hours later and gets in our bed.

But not last night. She stayed put like a good girl. And I totally didn't sleep, because 1) every time she made a noise from the other room, I wondered if she was going to need me to get her and 2) I missed my snuggle bug.  I think Mommy is the one with the co-sleeping dependence, not Vivian :)

She's growing up so fast. SO fast.  She actually makes her grandmother sad with how fast she went from baby to small child. Vivian's doing everything that her big brother does and then some. She's not even 20 months old and she's in a toddler bed and now is trying to boycott her booster chair at the dining room table. She's got opinions about her clothes and hairstyles.  Last weekend when we went to the shoe store, she made another customer laugh by rejecting several shoes that we suggested, before finally picking a pair out that she liked (fortunately the $3 shoes!).

I know that it's best for her to sleep in her own bed and I'll get used to her not being next to me, but it's hard too. It's all just going by so very quickly.


Andrea said...

How did you make the transition to toddler bed so easily while she shares a room with Ethan? Megan is 22 months and still in the crib and I don't know how the toddler bed thing is going to go. I suspect I'll find them in the bed together a lot. :-P

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Awwww, they are growing so fast! And they are our last babies. I don't blame you. We have to enjoy them!!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand this!! It's crazy how fast they grow. I kept Emma in our bed until 16 months and then she just wanted her own bed. She wouldn't go to sleep in ours. She kicked and screamed! Then I put her in her own bed and BOOM! sleep

Emma said...

I got excited about $3 shoes! Wish I could get them that cheap here.