Monday, January 24, 2011


6592.5. That's the number of extra calories (according to the memory on Ethan's pump), that he's taken in since January 14th.  Of course we had a leak one night, so a good bit of his formula leaked all over his bed instead of going into his stomach, but still. That's a boatload of calories. He's gained several pounds- it's actually getting hard for Daniel and I to carry him now, since we're fairly short people.  But that's a problem that I'll take any day!

Yesterday we spent the majority of the day in the ER at Children's. Ethan's tube had been clogging on and off for several days, then Saturday night it clogged completely.  We just shut off the pump around 3 AM and figured we'd deal with it later. But then Ethan woke up with a massive nosebleed, and we were concerned that we'd somehow hurt him while trying to get the tube unclogged.  So instead of church, Ethan and I headed to the ER. He was fine, but attempting to unclog the tube and ultimately replacing it (which was horrible! and I almost cried watching it, and I DO NOT CRY!!!), took 4 hours. Which meant that we not only missed church, but also the baby shower that I'd been looking forward to attending.

It's always disappointing for me to miss social events, since I just don't have many on my calendar. It's hard to make plans these days- many of my friends have new babies and it seems like someone's kid is always sick.  Right now we're just looking forward to Ethan starting preschool (whenever that happens) and Daniel's office moving to Seattle (in May)- and the opportunities for socializing that will come from those things. 

Drat, I've squandered all of TV time again and must get off the computer now.  The kids have been watching so much TV lately and eating so much junk food- I decided that today is detox day for both of those things. It's so bad that Ethan threw a fit when we LEFT the ER yesterday, since he just sat and watched movies for hours while we were there. At least he's thinking that the hospital is a fun place, but it was embarrassing to carry a screaming 3-year-old through the halls of the crowded hospital :) Today Mommy's going to play tough and try to get these kids back on track. Should be interesting...

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Mommyto3andahusky said...

Yay for Ethan! I am so glad he is getting healthy! :)