Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband lately?

Seriously, Daniel is up for some sort of "husband of the year" award, as far as I'm concerned. He's working long days, then is okay when I tell him that I am 1) done with the kids and 2) not cooking dinner and 3) watches the kids without complaining when I take my takeout sushi and my laptop into our room and shut myself in there to watch Mad Men and My Boys. Highlight of my week, without doubt.

He also totally cracks me up. Last Wednesday we were out for our family night and having dinner in a nearby neighborhood when we walked by a house for sale.  Daniel made comments about the house's great location, including noting that it was near a coffee shop and a sushi restaurant and a Mexican restaurant! I pointed out that we already live across the street from a coffee shop, a fancy restaurant, a Greek restaurant, a sushi restaurant and close to more coffee as well as Mexican, Thai and Vietnamese food. :) But the point is that Daniel is enthusiastic about everything- realistic or not, and I love that about him.

On another note- Miss Looks-nothing-like-Mommy apparently did inherit more from me than her waistline- she apparently inherited my attitude towards sleep. I'm, honestly, not a huge fan of sleep and don't need a lot, but I do still need breaks from the kids. So Vivian's recent refusal to go to sleep before 11 PM! (she's climbing on me as I write this post) and getting up at 2 AM and then only going back to sleep if she is in our bed is getting very, very old. We have got to get her out of the habit of sleeping in our bed. Especially since Ethan hasn't taken a nap since he was slightly past 2, so that means virtually no downtime for me and no couple time for Daniel and I. We're counting the days until our October break when we get 28 hours without the kids.

Seriously, I am endlessly in awe of single parents and military families.  I about lost my mind today when I had to deal with the kids for 11 hours on my own. Those of you who manage for weeks and months and years on end have my admiration.

And the other thing keeping me going- chocolate cake. I went out tonight and got cake mix and made a yummy cake- and life is so much more worth living. Chocolate=happiness.

Hope you're all hanging in there too!

Monday, August 30, 2010

My question is the BlogHer Question of the Day- and you could win $100!

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Fun news for this Monday morning- my question is the BlogHer question of the day for August 30, 2010. Drop by and leave an answer for the question for a chance to win $100!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday evening miscelany

1) Today we were teaching the 3-year-old Sunday School class and were having a discussion of mean/nice people. One of the kids informed the class that his mommy was a mean person. We teachers managed not to laugh out loud and with semi-straight faces told him that his mommy is not mean and that she loves him. And later I decided that maybe it's not completely a bad thing that my son is speech-delayed- no sharing opinions of my parenting skills with others!

2) We had a great Saturday- even took the kids to their first art show. Then today after church, we split up the kids for a while. Daniel and Ethan went out on an outing to Seattle Center/downtown on their own, while I stayed home and blogged and cleaned and did laundry while Vivian napped. I'd forgotten how truly glorious naptime is! Ethan stopped napping over a year ago, so I've not had that break in ages.  Just having silence in the house for a while was great!

And it's good for Ethan to get out with Daniel once in a while.  I've started taking Ethan with me when I run errands on Saturdays and have really enjoyed that one-on-one time with him.  Another blogger wrote a post that made me think more about this this week- she was writing about how much she learned about her third child when she had time alone with him after the older two kids went to school. I think once you have more than one little person around, you have to make that one-on-one time with each kid a priority as much as date night with your spouse. Of course, Daniel and I only have date night about twice per year, so that's not saying much. But it's something that we're realizing we need to be aware of.

3) Making Ethan sit down for 3 meals and 2 snacks this weekend has been horrid. Not looking forward to Daniel leaving me alone with that tomorrow!

4) In exciting news, it's down to 75 degrees in the condo! It's taken 3 days of 60 degree weather outside to get it cooled off to a reasonable temperature in here. But now it's nice and cool and I want to leap and twirl in celebration.  I will restrain myself though, since anyone walking by can see into my living room and no one needs to be subjected to seeing that.

5) In other exciting news, the laundry is all washed and dried and folded and put away and the counters are clean and tidy and the bathrooms are all shiny and sanitary. I'm trying to figure out how to convince my family to just stay where they are and not touch anything. At least for a couple of days.

6) Have a good Monday, everyone!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I have and I am

I have a son whose occupational therapist told me today to focus on getting him to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, without making it too big of a deal.

I also have a son whose (the same) occupational therapist admitted that this is a bit at counter purposes to what the GI clinic is saying and that, if things don't improve, we might be looking at a g-tube.

Thankfully, I really like today's OT and trust her, especially since she also has a 2-year-old who doesn't eat and who is hovering at the 5th percentile.

I have a dream of my son hitting and staying at the 5th percentile for height or weight.

I have a son who is struggling with his eating and whose mommy (that would be me) has been instructed to try to get him to eat/snack 5 times per day. Unfortunately, said son is 3 years old and I also have to get him to the potty 4-5 times per day and there are only so many battles I can fight.

I have 5 phone calls into the local school district about his speech therapy referral. Thankfully I also have a husband who does not share my phone phobia and who will take over these phone calls from here on out.

I have a odd need for a label for my son. He's healthy, but so skinny and so not eating that Children's Hospital and our doctor and everyone who knows him well is worried. But he's healthy, so I don't know what to call this. And since every single three-year-old on the planet doesn't eat, "not-eating" just doesn't cover it, unless accompanied by my blog business card and a directive to read my blog entries from May 2009 onward. Not that things were much better before that, but that's when it all went wrong.

I am tired.

I am the person who cried today at the thought of 3 meals and 2 snacks per day and all that.

And I'm also the person whose totally healthy second child has started getting a rash around her mouth after eating certain foods. I'm ashamed to say that I noticed this weeks ago and refused to admit it until Daniel made a comment today. Seriously, I cannot handle food allergies in my healthy kid.

I am the person who gets a 24 hour break from her kids/overnight with her husband on October 14-15 and is counting the seconds until then. I love these kids with all my being, but they are tough. And one of them only sleeps if she is in bed with us and that is getting old.

I am also the person who is starting to worry that she is always tired/overwhelmed. Kids, if you read this years from now and wonder, I love you. I can't imagine life without either of you, despite what I say here about having two kids so close together. Thank you for your patience. And STOP HITTING EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME ALREADY!! :)

And I am the person whose life verse is John 16:33. "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." And I am the person who is desperately praying and clinging on.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm fairly certain that the clock is actually running backwards...

People. This week. SO long. We've had nothing on the schedule all week. No playdates, no outings, no one coming to visit us. My best friend, the schoolteacher, is back at work now. And the weather has been alternating between way too hot and cold/rainy. All to say... so bored of my house... so needing Friday night to get here.

At the moment the excitement in my life is baking zucchini bread. The inspiration for baking bread is the arrival of MORE zucchini in my CSA box this week.  The farm claims that they had to substitute zucchini for corn, due to a shortage of corn, but I am not stupid. I know how zucchini multiplies and is impossible to even give away during harvest season.  This is my second week with zucchini to deal with, and since I can't stand it in any form other than bread, my second week baking. But the kids like the bread and it's yummy so it's all good.

In other news, we decided to stay at our church for at least another year.  Hopefully that'll give me some time to get over my irrationally hurt feelings over some stuff that no one did intentionally.  I'm annoyed at myself for being hurt- my dad is a pastor for goodness sakes and I know how churches work and how busy and stressed and overwhelmed pastors and church staff are.  There are some other factors that play a role in us considering switching as well, it's not just me overreacting, but we're going to just stay put for now and keep praying for wisdom on where we should go next. I hate making grown-up decisions. Argh!

In kid news, I took Ethan to get his haircut at the local cheapy haircut place (and I had a coupon!) on Tuesday and now he looks so grown up with his short hair.  As I've said before, his size and his speech issues make him seem younger than he is, so it's always a shock when see him and realize how fast he's grown up.  Just makes me want to grab him and give him lots of hugs, while I still can :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Look at the fabulous thing I got at the store today for 99 cents

I was browsing the shelves of the local drugstore today and found a fabulous new set of cards in the Hallmark card section. They are cards for moms and cover all sorts of occasions and are hysterical. And best of all, they're only 99 cents each. I bought a bunch to send to mom friends, but am keeping this one for myself. And I framed it.

Monday stuff

We had such a fun weekend this weekend- surviving the 5K, a picnic with church friends on Saturday evening, then church and an outing to Emerald Downs to watch the horse race last night. We even made the outing to the horse race a kid-free evening, so we had a blast. Daniel and I almost never get to go out without the kids, so those times are really precious. If you're a Seattle-area person and want to know more about what I thought about Emerald Downs, you can read my post over at the review blog.   As I type this, the kids are in their room having a yelling contest, so I'm definitely looking back on our date as a good time...

Misc answers to questions that I've received lately- yes, I got cake on Saturday night after the race. And no, I don't like running much more than I did a few months back, but it's the most convenient form of exercise to fit into my life and gets me a break from the kids for a bit. And I was hoping that new shoes would fix the shin splint issue, but sadly did not. I'm going to take this week off, then start training again next Saturday. I have another 5K in mid-September and am hoping to be back running by then.

On a completely unrelated subject, I was being all sad the other day because a bunch of my friends are pregnant, and I'm all done with that. But then we were going to the car the other day and both kids were walking under their own power. And then I got to downsize my diaper bag to a much smaller bag. And when we go out for short trips, I don't have to take much other than my wallet. Everyone is off of baby food, more or less, and we don't have to pack up hardly anything to go out to eat.  And my counter is free of the bottle drying rack that's been living there for 3 years! So I got over the whole whining about being done with babies thing pretty quickly.  Now I just get to be the friend who visits and holds the baby and leaves with her self-feeding, self-propelled kids. :)

Okay- Ethan's finally gone potty, so we can go out on a walk now. Hope everyone's Monday is off to a good start!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I survived!!!

I was just looking at the race statistics for my first 5K today. Not exactly competitive times on my part, but I did not 1) die, 2) quit, 3) end up in the hospital or 4) come in last for my age group. So I regard this race as a success.  I am registered for another race in early September, so I am hoping to be able to rest this week and then train after that and get these silly shin splints done away with.

The worst part of all of this is that Daniel knows that shin splints are partially related to calves and that me wearing heels or wedges 99% of the time is contributing to my issues=bad news for my cute footwear options.  Thankfully tomorrow we're going to the VIP suite at Emerald Downs to watch a fancy horse race and I have to dress up, so he can't complain too much :)

Seriously though. If you're thinking about doing the Couch to 5K program and doubting it....do not.. I am not a runner, I am still 30+ pounds over where I should be for my frame and I ran a race today and did not come in last. And you can too. Seriously. Just give it a try.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One problem with never hanging out other kids prior to having kids of my own

I'm not sure if I've made this confession here before or not.  Okay, so here goes.  I don't really like children.  Don't get me wrong, I don't really dislike them either.  I'm just pretty indifferent. Sure, I babysat in high school and my first year of college, for the same kids every day after school and all day during the summer. And before that I did the typical 13/14-year-old babysitting at evening thing. And it was fine, but I was never that gung-ho about it.

When I was around other people's kids, I'd admire them from a distance, but never had much desire to hold a new baby or anything like that.  The kids didn't bother me, I didn't mind being around them, but I didn't have urges to hang out around small people or hurry up and get married and produce little ones of my own. I think this served me well in Ukraine, where I worked with babies and toddlers who had HIV and had been abandoned to the care of the hospital. It only broke 95% of my heart having to see how they lived and thinking about their futures, not the 100% that would have broken if I was more into kids. 

Anyway, I digress. My past is not the point of this message. Except for the fact that since I never actively hung out around young kids, I didn't know what it meant to have a 3-year-old. So, when Ethan was 13-months-old, it never occurred to us that having a 3-year-old and a 14-month-old at the same time was a STUPID IDEA.  Of course we hadn't had our first 14-month-old yet when I got pregnant with Vivian, so we didn't know about the horror of that age either.  Did your kids go through the bad stage at 14 months? Mine both have. The pushing the boundaries, getting into everything, running away quickly to do something else that he/she knows not to do.... And 3 years old is pretty much what my friends have been saying it would be. The mood swings! The saying "no" all the time!

This has been a rough couple of weeks. I was joking on Facebook today that my kids are having some sort of pre-dawn strategy meeting in which they plan who will misbehave and when.  Seriously, I think they're having conversations along the lines of "okay, I'll climb the bookshelf while you pull the cat's fur. Then I'll throw a temper tantrum about something random while you empty the cupboards. Be sure to never let her eat, drink a full cup of coffee or go to the bathroom alone. And whatever you do, let's be sure to NEVER sleep at the same time."  These things cannot be random.

Add into that the multiple poopy underwear incidents today and the multiple bowls of ice cream (chocolate, of course) that were dropped onto the carpet, since Ethan has FINALLY decided to start feeding himself, but only the messy foods... and you get a very happy mommy to see daddy come home tonight.

It's bathtime now and I'm supposedly making dinner while Daniel tries to get Ethan smelling more like a little boy and less like a homeless old man.  (Seriously, potty-training accidents=smelly kid by the end of the day, no matter how much you try to clean up).  Have I mentioned lately how much I love the fact that Daniel just walks in the door and says "what can I do?"  I would be lost without him.

I really have no point to this post. Just rambling and venting a bit so that I can get it out of my system and have the energy for a few more hours of mommyhood.  But tomorrow is Friday- the end is in sight! And we have so much going on this weekend. Including my first 5K, which I am TERRIFIED about, given how badly my training runs have been this week and how much my leg has been hurting.  But I have big plans to reward myself with cake if I don't suck too much at the run, and cake can motivate me to do pretty much anything :) I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An open letter of apology to my kids

Dear kids,

I skipped out on bedtime prayers tonight and just couldn't face the two of you, even for long enough to say goodnight. I was just too done.  Today started way too early and really got going at our 8 AM appointment at Children's Hospital.  And there's something about starting your day at Children's that sends things downhill so fast.

I am so utterly, beyond grateful to live near a hospital like Children's that does so much good and is such a good resource. But seeing little tiny babies with oxygen tanks and feeding tubes and bald toddlers in the hallways is so sad and terrifying to me as a mom. And there's always a sense of relief and then immediate guilt that I'm only dealing with a failure to grow/eat issue and not something more serious.

But even that feeling was a little rocked today when the GI people looked at Daniel and I and said that they were very concerned.  Given everything that we're doing, a complete lack of any weight gain in 3 months is serious. Very serious. 

Ethan's being put on an appetite stimulant that has a moderate success rate.  Hopefully he'll be one who responds well.  If not, the endoscopy in a month to rule out any last physical issues that haven't been detected. Regardless, they want intensive therapy for him in the feeding area. 

We're still waiting on a phone call back from the Seattle schools on his speech issues. An enormous, huge, gigantic thanks to Mona for all her help and advice and "been there" stories on that. It's made the whole thing so much less scary and huge.

Thankfully I had an IKEA outing planned for today with one of my best friends, so I had a distraction from all this stuff for a while. But then we were done shopping and I was home with the kids alone and Daniel had to work late and by the time he was home and in daddy mode I was done. Done, done, done. So now I'm hiding in our bedroom with the fan and the sad little portable A/C unit (yes, it's still unbearably hot here) and just trying to regroup. 

Oh, and I am really realizing that I'm running a 5K on Saturday. In front of people. Who will see me all sweaty, which is one of the most terrifying, horrible things that could happen to a woman who spent 10 years of her life in the South where women always look nice and definitely do not sweat in public. A light "glow" is acceptable, and that's it. 

And in other weird and random news, on our way to IKEA today we were heading south on the interstate when I finally realized that there were no cars coming north.  At all. Then when we drove further, we realized it was closed because the President was about to land at the nearby airport and drive north on the freeway. Still, really weird to see a totally deserted interstate in the middle of the day. Then there was the whole seaplane-into-restricted-airspace-fighter-jet-sonic-boom that totally shook all of IKEA while we ate our frozen yogurt cones, which was also really weird and confusing until we got home and found out what was going on.

Now I have to close this random mess of a blog post and go watch this week's Mad Men episode online. Hurray for escapism! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Time to stop enabling

Poor Ethan, he turned three last week and some sort of circuit finally connected in my brain, and I realized that I am the mother of an almost completely helpless preschool age child. And I realized that I need to do something about this.

I think the truth started dawning on me slowly over the last few months, as I read blogs of people with kids close in age to my son.  We don't hang out much with other children, and when we do, they're generally quite a bit younger than Ethan is.  So that kind of kept me from realizing how far behind he was falling in several areas of development and just in do-it-yourself skills.  And his speech is delayed and his eating is non-existent and he's the size of a 2-year-old, so that also kept me from putting things together.

But on Sunday we were working in Ethan's Children's Church class and I took Ethan and another boy, the same age as Ethan, to the bathroom to wash hands. And for Ethan, I lifted him up and turned on the faucet and squirted soap in his hands and dried them off. When it was the other boy's turn, he climbed up the stairs, turned the water on himself, washed his hands and climbed down. I only had to hand him paper towels.  In Ethan's defense, the other kid is the third child in his family, but still. Ethan does almost nothing on his own. And it's getting ridiculous.

So now poor Ethan suddenly finds his days of being a little emperor, waited on hand and foot, at an end. Poor kid. We need to get some of these things under control soon. My hurry-up-and-do-it-right-the-first-time attitude, if not kept in check, will result in a totally helpless little kid, and I want to raise confident, independent kids, not needy ones.  I think this is more a matter of training Mommy than training Ethan :)

On another note, we're off to Children's tomorrow to go to the GI clinic, where they will tell us that he has to have an endoscopy. We've had this conversation with them before, but I need more information on what to expect and what's the next step if this test shows nothing.  Daniel and I had a big "discussion (read argument)" last night over nothing at all. Just too much stress building up in us from this constant low-grade worry about Ethan and the 24-hour-a-day stress of trying to get him to eat or drink his supplement.  It's all getting very, very old.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Ethan's 3-year well child appointment was today. He weighed in at a whopping 25.8 pounds. No gain this month. Or last month. Or the month before that. His doctor is sending us back to Children's again to GI. Which will mean the next step in testing, the endoscopy. Under anesthesia. 

Oh, and he needs to be evaluated for speech therapy.

And she really, really thinks he needs to go to preschool. Which I 100% agree with, but funds and transportation for preschool are extremely limited, so this is easier said than done.

I'm discouraged today. And tonight is Daniel's night to attend Bible Study,  so I'm on my own until 10 PM. I'm thinking today might be a day of lots of leftover birthday cake and then takeout sushi for dinner. If that doesn't make the day better, then nothing will :)


Ethan's 3-year well-child appointment is in 8 hours and 15 minutes. I'm stalling on going to bed, because as soon as I do, before I know it it's going to be time to get up and a race to get Vivian up and fed and get Ethan up and not fed and get us ready for the day. Might I say?  There is one benefit of a child who doesn't eat- no factoring in meal times. Ever. Ethan never gets hungry, so I don't have to worry about his break fast time or stopping on car trips- just throw him his high-calorie drink and we're good to go.

Except for that whole 3-years-old and wearing 18-month pants thing.  That's not as fun. I know I shouldn't worry about the "growth curve", but he's barely on it. And his own curve is drooping, which is even more worrisome.

We have been stressing about this kid and his eating since I came out of anesthesia the day he was born. Then it was more about getting food into him to get rid of his jaundice. And then things got better after a month or two and we were actually starting to do reasonably well until the great stomach flu of 2009, followed rapidly by the great arrival of Vivian of 2009, and he's barely let food pass his lips since.

Today Ethan ate what we would consider a HUGE amount of food. He ate two  packs of gummy juice treats (100 calories each), 4 bites of birthday cake (I have no idea and don't want to know because I also ate birthday cake), a cheerio or two, and 6-8 bites of pot roast. And he drank less than one of his nutritional drinks. He's pretty much boycotting those, but he's not eating enough to make up for them, so I worry. Especially now that I have Vivian around and I see how much a normal kid eats. Seriously.

Can I just say that sometimes I get tired of being an adult? I'm tired of making big decisions about my career and whether we should find a different church and when to spend money on things that are wants not absolute essentials. Adulthood is wonderful and full of great things that I only dreamed of, but sometimes I'd like a break from it. Because it's also awfully hard and complicated.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ethan woke up this morning asking for cake and presents. He IS my child after all! :)

*Since I started typing this post I've had to stop twice to clean up potty-related accidents.  Potty-training is apparently not going so well here today...

Anyway. Three. Wow.  I can't believe I'm enough of a grown-up to have a three-year old.  Ethan has changed so much  just in these past few months. He's not wearing diapers and speaks in complete sentences (more or less on both of those) and can actually follow some detailed instructions. He's a great big brother- yes, the kids bicker constantly, but Ethan's also always watching out for Vivian. If she drops one of her toys, he gets it for her.  Whenever I'm putting the kids into the car or getting them back out, Ethan always checks to make sure that I haven't forgotten about "Baby" and isn't happy until she's right next to him.

Ethan loves to give kisses and hugs. I'm going to be sad when he outgrows the cuddly little boy stage. There's nothing more precious than having a preschooler give you kisses and say "love you".  He loves to dance and sing along with music- the more energetic the better! His absolute favorite activity though is looking at pictures- whether it's on the computer or in an album, he just loves flipping through and identifying the people he loves in the snapshots.

Ethan, you changed my life more than I ever imagined was possible.  You changed your daddy and I from a couple into a family.  You've made me laugh and cry and worry and rejoice and so many other emotions in between. Thank you for being such a precious part of our family. We love you so much.

Happy 3rd birthday, Ethan.  I've been so blessed to have you in my life!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Deep thoughts (yes, this is causing my brain to hurt a little...)

A few weeks ago someone posted an article on one of the Seattle newspapers' blogs.  I don't remember when or which one and haven't got the time to go find it again, so you'll just have to believe me :) Anyway, this article was about the President's appearance on The View, and Barbara Walters asking him why he refers to himself most of the time as "black" rather than "mixed". After reading the post and seeing the President's answer to the question, I left a comment.

My comment essentially said that I was glad to know the president's answer, and that, as the mom of mixed-race kids, I feel like the President is denying his mixed-race heritage by referring to himself as "black".  And a later comment critized me for my statement, pointing out that the president is very open about who he is, and has never denied being mixed race.

I thought about that a lot after I read the response to my comment. At first I was a little offended, because I don't do criticism well, but then I realized that the person was right.  I'm projecting my feelings and my life on a situation that doesn't involve me.  The President has never claimed to not be mixed-race, he just identifies more with one ethnicity than the other.

And then I had another eye-opening experience last night which really made me think about this even more.  Last year we bought Vivian a baby doll- and we found one that is an Asian doll, so it actually looks like her.

And then this year for her birthday, my grandmother went to the store to buy Vivian a baby doll and got the exact same doll, but with blond hair and blue eyes (she didn't know about Vivian's other baby doll).  So now Vivian has two almost identical dolls, one Asian and one Caucasian.

And the thing is- I gravitate toward having her play with the Asian baby doll, since it looks like her. Last night I was taking toys out of her crib before bedtime and I actually took out the blond doll and left the other one.  Which actually made me stop in my tracks as I realized what I had done. Even though I know, more than anyone else, that Vivian is half-Caucasian, even I think of her as Chinese because that's how she appears on the outside.

It's a weird situation, having a child that not only doesn't look like me, but that looks like she's a completely different race from me. And from her brother as well. People know that Vivian is mixed race (or assume so when they see I'm white) and ask often what her exact ethnic background is, but it's rare that anyone even notices it in Ethan. I think it's going to be interesting to see how the kids identify themselves as they grow up. Hopefully they'll be able to embrace both cultures and ethnicities in a way that works for them and helps each of them be a well-rounded person.  And hopefully I can figure out how to help them do this without messing them up too much!

I don't know the point of this post- just stuff I'm thinking about this week. And no, I haven't had my coffee yet this morning, which is why it's a little muddled. :)  Seriously though, anyone else think this is about the longest week ever?  I need Friday night to show up already...

Oh, and might I add? My kids? Cutest things ever, no matter what race they are :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another week underway

We had a nice, but long weekend this weekend.  Friday night we drove to Portland, which is theoretically just a three hour drive away.  The kids and I left the house at 3 PM and we arrived at my grandmother's house at just before 10 PM. Granted, we did stop twice, briefly, but there was a lot of slow traffic. And one incident a few blocks from my grandmother's house where my husband ran a stop sign that he didn't see. Thankfully the policeman that pulled him over was the nicest police officer that I've ever encountered (and I worked with many during my time as an EMT!), and just gave us a friendly warning and sent us on our way quickly.

Lots of time this weekend sitting around and chatting with my grandmother and aunt and uncle and trying to keep the kids from wrecking the house or permanently damaging the dogs. Saturday night we drove over to Daniel's best friend's VERY unchildproof home for dinner. We're talking white furniture and glass everything and open staircases and very breakable decor. But between the four adults we managed to keep the house and the kids fairly intact.

At one point, Daniel's best friend "D" asked Daniel what he did for fun in his free time these days. Daniel and I actually started laughing at the question, then informed him that there was no such thing as free time, for either of us individually or as a couple. Daniel works, drives through awful traffic, helps out with the kids, then collapses in exhaustion.  I need to be better about encouraging him to do things for fun, like go workout and go to the evening men's Bible study at church, but it's tough, since I like having him around in the evenings and on weekends.  The tiredness and lack of energy cycle is a vicious one- when you're tired you just want to do the bare minimum and you don't want to use up your precious time or energy to do anything more, even if it would recharge you a bit.

So that's what I'm doing/thinking about this morning. Okay, I'll be honest, I'm looking at a ginormous pile of laundry and avoiding folding it, hence all the deep thoughts. I promised the kids a trip to the Children's Museum this morning, so I should wrap things up and get us going! Have a great Monday, everyone!