Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Teddy Bear Suite retrospective

Today was our annual outing to the beautiful Teddy Bear Suite here in Seattle. It's become a highlight of our holiday season, and I look forward to getting cute pictures of the kids every year. Easier said than done sometimes though!

With the Big Bear
2007- Ethan, 4 months old

2008- Ethan, 16 months old

2009- Vivian, 6 months old
2009 again- Vivian, 6 months old, Ethan 2 years 4 months

2010- It's mind boggling how much he changed from last year! Ethan, 3 years 4 months
 On the bear bed


2010- Did I mention that Vivian HATED the bears?
With Mommy/Daddy

2008. Love my hair in this one
AND A NEW TRADITION- the kids' first candy canes!

I hope you're all getting out and are having fun doing some holiday activities in your towns!

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Anonymous said...

Love that first photo!