Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Gideon's Fleece

I think this is my 1,000th post! Wow!  That's a lot of navel-gazing and drama. Thanks for sticking with me.

Tonight I have one more crazily-self-centered post. This has been a hard week at the end of a hard month at the end of a hard year. Finances are rough, stress is high, medical issues are mounting. I found out on Monday (the same day we got the news about Ethan being recommended for a NG tube) that my aunt and her husband both are no longer in remission and the prognosis is poor for both. My poor dad is overwhelmed beyond belief.

I am totally a believer in the power of prayer. But I also understand that sometimes answers take a long time to appear, and maybe it takes even longer for us to understand the answer. I do pray for little things, because I believe God cares about every aspect of our lives. But I don't usually pray for things like blog giveaways.

This week was so exhausting and rough. Yesterday I was putting in one last entry to a giveaway (I rarely enter any giveaways these days, unless it's something I really hope to win), and I actually prayed about it. For the first time ever, for a blog entry. I just spoke honestly to God and said "I know this is silly. But I just need some good news this week. I need to know that things can go well for a little while."

Tonight I got an email from the blogger who was hosting the giveaway, letting me know that I'd won. I started sobbing in front of my computer. Daniel rushed over, thinking that someone had died or something, given my level of emotion.  It took me several minutes to pull myself together enough to tell him why I was crying.

I know God doesn't always give us signs like this or such immediate (and kind of shallow) answers to prayers, but I'm so grateful that He knows when we could really just use a sign or two.

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