Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The long-awaited assessment

This morning Ethan and I left home early to drive to the north side of Seattle for his developmental assessment. Which took place in the oldest school building that I have ever seen. We arrived a bit early, but they were ready for us and things got underway right away and moved along quickly after that. 

Ethan did great- the ladies were concerned that he wouldn't want to leave me to go do some of the evaluations, but I informed them that Ethan has no issues with being away from me at all, and he definitely didn't.  He had a great time playing with the therapists while I tried desperately to remember things like when he started to sit up or talk or crawl. 

Several hours later, we got the summary info, and he does in fact qualify for developmental preschool, for a variety of reasons.  It's weird to say I'm glad- yes, I'm thrilled that he's going to get help and that he now gets to attend preschool, since it was not in our budget to send him to a regular school.  But it's still a little weird to be having conversations about severely delayed development and IEPs and things like that.

All Ethan knows is that he's going to school! And he is so excited! 

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Sara said...

Congratulations, sounds like this is a step in the right direction. I have friends who have had their children in mixed development preschool where kids with all levels of needs are mixed and help each other. Maybe Ethan with be able to help some other children in his class in some small way as well!