Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just need to vent for a moment

I mentioned something on Facebook the other day about our rental situation and was horrified to see how many friends are also going through messy rental evictions.  I'm sad to know that other people are going through this kind of stress.

We just found out today that WE are responsible for the building fine because our tenant has a friend who loiters in the building and who has been told on five occasions that it's not okay, and we've had discussions with her about it. And it keeps happening and we are on the hook for it.

The thing that really is breaking my heart about all of this, other than the stress of trying to make the mortgage and dealing with lies about upcoming payments, is that we no longer can afford even a simple getaway for our fifth wedding anniversary. We'd been dreaming about a trip and then realized that a big trip wasn't possible, so were looking at short flights and then realized that even cheap flights weren't possible and then were thinking about something in the next city and now we're realizing that our budget is more like food from the dollar sushi restaurant.  Happy anniversary.

Feel free to ignore me- I'm just feeling sorry for myself because the kids have been SO whiny and SO clingy today (why do those two have to coincide?) and we've been sick forever and I'm just really tired and discouraged and mad at my husband for renting to this person in the first place. And I keep trying to not say "I told you so", because I wasn't happy about this tenant from the beginning, for a variety of reasons, but he didn't listen. And I know that he knows that and I just need to shut up, but I only succeed in that about half the time.

I am so tired.

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Andrea said...

I feel for you. I was feeling pretty bitter this time last year when my family was mooching off of me and we were unable to buy Christmas gifts for our kids meanwhile my cousins had $100s of dollars in things donated to them (even an ipod and digital camera) ALL of the presents under the tree were for them. I was sad.

I can't even imagine what you are feeling right now with added paperwork in the mix and the thought of how it's just NOT fair. It's not.

Prayers headed your way.