Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday, hallelujah!

First off, the thing with the renter. Seriously, every time I think it can't get more ridiculous, it does.  This weekend should be especially interesting. Wish I could say more, but can't. Would really appreciate continued prayer for this though!

I'm back on Weight Watchers again. Got on the scale the other day and realized that I'd gotten up to 10 pounds over my fattest non-pregnant weight.  I'm trying to exercise, but with sick kids and no sleep, that's not happening often enough to make up for my fatness, so dieting must be done.  I picked a good time to go back on WW though, they've just totally redone the system, and I think the new one is great. My main complaint with the old system was that calories were more or less equal. Now there's much more focus on fruits and veggies and healthy eating in general, which is great.  It fits more with the whole food, non-processed direction that we'd been going here, so I'm loving it!

And I'm pretty much the only person in the world who doesn't have to worry about holiday weight gain. We were invited to a party for tomorrow night, but are babysitter-less, so can't make it.  Other than that though, there are no holiday events in my future, and Christmas is pretty much just your average day, food-wise, up at my in-laws. Oh, and I don't like Chinese food very much, so I usually end up losing weight when we go to Canada, so it's good time to start a diet.

As for the sick kids, I'm beginning to despair of ever getting them well again. Maybe 2011 will be a year of health for us?

Hope everyone has a great weekend- I'm vowing to leave the house at some point in time tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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Ashley said...

Good luck with the new diet! I'll be right there with you in January. Since I'll be traveling to San Diego for Christmas where many of my FAVORITE restaurants are and making lots of holiday goodies, it's pointless for me to start a diet now. But in January I need to start losing this baby weight! I hope your kids get better soon, it's so miserable having sick kids for so long.