Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Sunday night

Tomorrow is our last Monday morning of the year! Hurray!  Daniel's off most of the week between Christmas and New Year's, so we just have to get through four more days, then Daddy is home to entertain us until January 3rd!

We had a nice weekend here- which was lovely.  Yesterday we ran errands, then I combined a "drop off Ethan's stool sample at Children's" outing with a "go to the mall with my best friend" outing.  We sat in a ton of traffic, but got to drink coffee and catch up on everything in our lives.  My best friend is also my aunt (one of my dad's much younger foster sisters from the family he lived with when he was a teenager) and my former roommate, so we know pretty much everything about each other, and it's just relaxing and easy to be together. There's something so wonderful about those few friends who know you deeply and around whom you can really be you. 

My aunt/best friend is in a serious relationship now with a guy that the whole family loves and wants to marry ourselves if she doesn't. She's had a run of bad luck before this, so we're all cheering her on (despite the fact that she is my main babysitter and now has actual plans of her own for Saturday night) and praying that he's the one. 

In addition to a nice Saturday, today Ethan "sang" with his Sunday school class at church. In Ethan's world, this meant just standing in the dead center of the group (welcome to your parents' world! Always the shortest, always center, front row...) and waving at Mommy but not singing. Still darned cute though, so who cares if any words came out of his mouth or not.
 My tiny boy in the front row, waving his sheep mask

Then this afternoon we went to the zoo, since it was sunny (and SO cold) and saw tons of animals and hopefully got that out of Ethan's system for a while, since he's been asking endlessly. Oh, and my kids decided to crawl through the nice outdoor kid tunnel! In their church clothes! I about cried on the spot, but managed to remind myself that it's only dirt. And washes out. I hope, I hope...

So it's Monday tomorrow and then we're off to Canada for Christmas! How on earth did Christmas get here already! Ethan asks every day to open presents, and often I let him, because he has tons of small things, and I don't really know how to do Christmas right (didn't celebrate it at all until I was in my twenties), so why not. I think Daniel and I are going to be able to go away for one night during our trip to Canada- sleep with no 1-year-old toes in my side!, so we're uber-excited about that, barring any worse developments on the renter front. Can't wait for things to be done with the legal side of that so that I can share with all of you the details of the rental HORROR of the last three months.

I should go and rescue Daniel- he's fallen asleep on the floor of the kids' room. The only way to keep them both in bed is for one of us to be in there, and he fell asleep on duty tonight. Thankfully the kids haven't noticed that their guard is snoring :)

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