Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And...... repeat.

I swear to you all- I am living in some sort of freakish time warp! We have now been sick for over a month.  In all sorts of various combinations of sicknesses.  One person will have a cold and the other the stomach flu. Then the next week it's fevers with coughs.  Then it's vomiting with no symptoms. Then it's just general crankiness. And lets grow some molars! 

This week started out with fevers. Which I can more or less treat and ignore. But this morning we added in vomiting and bad coughs, so I had to cancel this morning's outing. I swear, the kids have some sense for when we have actual plans (which is not often) and immediately get sick.

So it's going to be another inside day today. We're running out of rainy/sick day activities, so it's time to search the internet for ideas.  Mommy's starting to go a little nuts...

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