Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday again!

Yep, it's Tuesday.  We had semi-plans to meet up with a friend at the Children's Museum this morning, but Vivian pulled the plug on that by somehow catching stomach flu.  People, I win the award for worst mom/wife EVER with this- I slept through her vomiting 4 times last night and through Daniel giving her baths each time! I only woke up the 5th time because she threw up on my pillow.

How awful am I? In my defense, I'd taken Benadryl. I don't sleep well when I get stressed, so took some Benadryl to help me get a bit of sleep and it apparently put me out. Very very out.  I still feel guilty.  Vivian did give me a chance to do a cleanup this morning though, so it's not like I totally missed the sickness. Poor Daniel though, he had to work this morning after a night of baby vomit.

So we're home again today instead of being out and about.  Feeding Vivian crackers and watching nervously for signs of imminent sickness. And praying that Ethan will not catch this bug. The stomach flu a year and a half ago is what tipped the balance for him into full-fledged not eating, so we'd really like to avoid that again, given how much effort has gone into getting him to take a bite or two per day.

Sounds like another load of laundry is done (I am never more thankful for a washer and dryer than in the midst of a stomach flu bout), so I better head off to take care of that. 

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Andrea said...

Poor BABY! That's pretty impressive that you slept through that. And what's more impressive is that your husband didn't. I'd like to trade now. Daniel definitely wins an award for that one!

I hope no one else gets sick in your house.