Saturday, November 20, 2010

This week needs to END already

I knew that a week that started out with a bad phone call to our insurance company couldn't end well. I just didn't expect it to go so far downhill. This week we got bad news from our old insurance company and our new one. All four of us had stomach flu.  Two of us had a cold on top of that. Two are growing molars and are very grouchy.

And tonight we rounded it out with yet another failed promise from our renter to actually pay her rent. For the second month in a row.  And she doesn't seem to get why we're upset that it's the end of the month and she hasn't paid.  It's not even that she hasn't paid, it's that every 3 or 4 days, she promises payment and then "shockingly" the wire transfer doesn't come in or the check doesn't clear or whatever.

I hate being lied to.  Pretty much anything in life is preferable to me to being lied to.  Just tell me the truth, give me the bad news, let me deal with it. Don't lie to me. 

So I'm incredibly upset tonight. We're still in a waiting game with her, trying to do what's right legally. All the while, I want to scream at her and ask how I'm supposed to cover my son's medical bills while also covering the mortgage on this property because she hasn't paid the rent.

Have I mentioned how much I never, ever, ever wanted to own property? It was actually a life goal of mine. To NEVER own property. And here I am, stuck with multiple properties that are causing an inordinate amount of stress on my marriage.

This is probably going to be a post that I regret by morning time, but right now I am feeling so helpless and so angry that I can hardly stand it. Blogging seems preferable to screaming and waking up the kids, who just fell asleep a few minutes ago (it's midnight now). 

I need to get away from all of this for a while. Too much.


Andrea said...

that sucks about your renter. you should just kick her out and sue the pants off of her......when we were trying to sell our house we thought about renting it out. infact, we want to have income property one day, but when that rent check doesnlt come in i know i wouldnlt hold back like you are doing. Just remember, that when things are at their worst, it means that something really good is right around the corner. hang in there.

Lizzie said...

Ugh. Carrie I am so sorry. The whole situation is just stinkers. That girl needs to go! You guys can't do this every month. And the sickness! Ack! We're going to be requesting some peace from the Big Guy for you all. xoxo

maggie said...

CARRIE! GAH! Thinking of you and sending you winey chocolatey vibes. I am so sorry.