Monday, November 22, 2010


It's snowing here in Seattle. In November. This is not a normal thing for Seattle.  I was teaching the 3-year-olds in Sunday School yesterday and when it started snowing, all the kids started saying "snow! Christmas!" Which cracked me up, because Ethan does exactly the same thing.  And I think all the retailers think the same- it's cold and snowy, so it's time to get ready for Christmas, even though it's still pre-Thanksgiving!

Anyway, I let the kids go out very briefly in the snow this afternoon. Vivian saw snow last winter, but this was her first real experience with playing in it, so that was fun to see! The kids loved being out in the snow- which is good, since supposedly there is much more snow to come this week and later this winter!

Yes, schools in the area were closed for the snow. There is slightly more accumulation in some areas though :)

I was trying to explain to them how to catch snowflakes on their tongues
In other news, would appreciate continuing prayer for the situation with our renter. Unbelievably, it got much more complicated and much more expensive over the weekend.  We're just trying to hang on and remember to trust God and His control. 

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Emma said...

How beautiful! (coming from somewhere that doesn't get snow)