Monday, November 15, 2010

Not a good way to start the week

I started out my week on the phone with the health insurance company.  Not a good way to start Monday morning.  Turns out that Ethan's very expensive supplement drink, the one that is keeping him ALIVE, is not covered by the insurance. We thought it was for a while, the hospital had checked and for the first two months it was partially covered. Then we got a letter from the insurance saying "whoops, it's not covered!" This past week we got that letter.  And then we discovered that they were denying the claims for July onwards. That's 5 months that we had huge medical bills that we didn't know about. On top of the large therapy and other medical bills that we DID know about.

I'm trying desperately to keep perspective on things, but it's challenging this dreary morning.  Very challenging. This is the latest in a series of not-life-threatening things that has hit our family.  There's been a ridiculous amount of bad news lately in various parts of our lives.  We're reeling. And, even though nothing is what I would consider to be a major crisis, in total it's starting to add up and swamp our boat.

Thankfully our pastor preached last week on Matthew 14- the passage of the Bible where Jesus walks on water and calms the storm. So I'm trying to not put my eyes on the waves too much.  I know God has control of this situation and maybe we're just at the beginning of the story where we are rowing into the storm and not understanding why things are taking so long.  It's getting pretty wet here in my boat though.


Andrea said...

:-( That STINKS! Sending good thoughts your way, and I hope something works out for Ethan's drink supplement. I have a friend whose daughter's prescription formula wasn't covered and cost them $700 a month. Those things are CRAZY expensive! So I feel for you.

We're still paying on my 2 c-sections, our current insurance sucks too.

Lizzie said...

Ugh. Insurance anything is a drag. And knowing how absolutely important it is makes it worse. I'm so sorry.