Monday, November 8, 2010

My children are clearly trying to make me insane

You know how I posted this morning that I was really tired from the weekend? The kids clearly understood that, and took advantage of it. It was not a stellar day in my mommy world. I am ashamed of how many times I snapped at them to just "OH MY GOODNESS STOP FIGHTING ALREADY!!!!".  And Vivian is at that awful stage where she has opinions but not always the worlds to express her opinions, so she just whiiiiiinnneessss.  She can say "no". And "THIS!" and "again!" and "pleeezz" and other useful words like "elefnnt" and "kitty", but not necessarily the words to express what she really needs.  So she just whines.  And it is so annoying. Today was the kind of day where I actually looked up at the ceiling more than once and said "God, are you sure that me being a stay-at-home mom is a good idea?"

But we made it. We made it through the long day and through an outing to the science museum and the grocery store. And through our walk home at 4:15 when it was already getting dark.  Oh yes, it is winter in Seattle. And then we had a fight over dinner and Ethan threw up the 3 bites that he had eaten, which necessitated a bath.  And post-bath, they got out and we had about 10 minutes left until Daniel got home, and I asked them to go play for a few minutes while I finished dinner.

5 minutes later I realized that they had been quiet for a while, and I looked into their room to see this:

Seriously. They were happily sitting next to each other on Ethan's bed, reading books. Not fighting over the books, not hitting each other, doing none of the things that they had been doing all day. And when Daniel walked in the door, I was looking frazzled and tired and the kids were being all cute and getting along and reading books quietly in the bedroom.  I am not exaggerating. 

Thankfully, a bit later when I went into the bathroom to have a brief break, I heard distinct sounds of disagreement and Daddy having to referee :)  So their facade of cuteness and getting-alongness didn't hold too long :) 

It's funny though. Even in the midst of days like today, I can already feel them growing up and slipping away.  I look at Ethan and he's no longer any bit a baby. He's tiny and skinny, but he's getting tall enough that I (at 5 feet tall) already have trouble carrying him when I'm walking.  And Vivian is scarily grown up at 17 months old.  I don't have babies anymore. I have little people in my life. And they're precious, even on the days that they drive me utterly insane.  It's all going by so very, very quickly.

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