Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday morning exhaustion

We live a funny life around here. It's Monday morning and there is NOTHING on my calendar of any sort until Friday morning, when Ethan has therapy over at Children's. So we'll spend our week wandering around. Going to the grocery store, visiting the dinosaurs at the science museum, seeing Clifford at the children's museum. The usual activities that make up our life. Daniel is off work on Thursday, which will be nice. Confusing to have Daddy home on a Thursday, but we'll take it.

This week is like all of our weeks. We just don't ever have anything going on.  But come the weekend, the story really changes. For the past two months or so, we've not only had things going on, we've had an average of 4-5 things going on. We've been so busy that our weekend schedule has had to be broken down into two hour increments.  Daniel and I tag-team running errands and keeping the kids fed and watered and getting them ready for the NEXT FUN OUTING!  This weekend it was going to see a play and shopping and haircuts for all and church and a pre-Thanksgiving turkey dinner and then attending the Harvest Crusade. Oh and cleaning and laundry and picking small pieces of glass out of my feet, since Daniel accidentally knocked over wine bottle on Saturday night (a full, closed one) and it shattered into about 1 million tiny pieces, which apparently can only be found with the bottom of my feet.

I love our busy weekends and getting to see people and do things. But my goodness, they make for tired Monday mornings.  Daniel always looks secretly relieved to be going off to his job on Monday morning, and I always have to resist the urge to block the door or make him take the kids with him. And now TV time is over, so I have to get the kids dressed and out to one of the museums.  I think more coffee is in order!

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Lizzie said...

HA! More than once (in the past two weeks) I've asked A to take Lucy to work with him so that I can have a day off! :)