Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A minor rant

First of all- Ethan's friend's surgery went well today and she's in recovery now.  Please pray for a full recovery and for everything to go well post-op!

This is probably going to be most random rant ever. Bear with me. :)

Do you all know about Chinese desserts?  The actual Chinese ones are fine, but when they get into the desserts that are more typically Western, everything falls apart. Have you ever been to a Chinese bakery? Walk in- admire the rows and rows of gorgeous looking cakes.  Drool over how much sweetness is in front of you. Buy a piece of cake. Take a bite. And prepare for the disappointment. If you have a sweet tooth, Chinese cakes are the biggest letdown in the dessert world. Because they essentially taste like sugarless air. It's like bread with unsweet frosting. SUCH a deception!  I've tried multiple cakes from bakeries all over Seattle, Vancouver and other locations. 100% LIES!!!

But then, tonight, I was warming up a chicken potpie type pastry that my mother-in-law brought this weekend. It's chicken and carrots and peas and gravy in a pastry.  A bite fell off of Vivian's piece, and I put it in my mouth, and the pastry was sweet!  Seriously?  I love my Chinese husband and Chinese people and their culture in general, but we definitely have a different perspective on appropriate use of sugar in foods. Unsweet cakes and sugary chicken pot pies and sweet bean soup (I actually like the red bean soup though...). It's very confusing to my Western palate. 

So, if you've not experienced this for yourself, you've been warned.  My public service for the week.

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Andrea said...

I've had a few Chinese desserts...yup. LIES> you crack me up.